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Monday, April 3, 2017

Playing with the snake


Everything has been good. This week was kinda tough with all of the appointments cancelled but it gave us more time to contact and find people. 
I was able to watch all of the sessions at general conference. It was really good. and I really enjoyed it. We are working really hard with some investigators and I feel very confident about their desires to follow Jesus Christ. Its just a matter of getting them to come to church and consistently. Soltin came to General Conference. We have been struggling to teach him because he has been in Berbice which is on the other side of the country but is very committed to coming to church when he is here. That's really exciting. Home sounds really crazy with everything going on but that's really cool. 
So update on the lost pictures I can view them on the computer but there format or something doesn't work in anything else and so i need to find out how to convert CHK to JPEG or something. I told some other missionaries about it and they said the same thing happened to some of there pictures when they used that email shop so I don't think we will go back there.

SNAKE ALERT for those with fears of snakes

Well as you will see here we went back to the Alligator man with some missionaries to pick up some stuff he had made for them and we decided to take more pictures with the snake. As you see we thought it would be cool to get a picture with it on my shoulders but then it tried to strangle and kill me. Luckily I had Elder Cooper there to take pictures. 

Don't worry I had the Alligatorman right there to save me!

Love Elder Fisher

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