Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

Cape Jourimain

Its good too hear how everything is going. Not a whole lot has happened since Wednesday but we did have our baptism on Saturday! It was awesome! 
We knocked on a number of doors and met some really good people! We are hoping they will turn into progressing investigators here soon. Its been kinda rainy here. A lot of mist. We have to be in our apartments by 5 tonight and we are not allowed to leave because its halloween. 
Oh and here's some pictures of cape Jourimain.  Its just in our area and is just before the PEI bridge. We went there for P day a couple weeks ago.
Oh and yes I'm pretty sure the other two got their visas as well!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big News

BIG NEWS!!!! I got my visa and I'm flying to Trinidad on Nov. 16th. Then to Guyana so I'm assuming I'm starting my mission there!
Everything is good here! Its starting to get a little cooler here. No dreams or anything but there is a member of the branch presidency here in Amherst and he has a gift. Apparently he can read your past and tell you about your future. He reads all of the missionaries before they leave and apparently he is deadly accurate! After he does your reading apparently he is really exhausted. I'm kinda nervous and excited to here what he has to say about me.
There is a less active sister here with cancer and we visited her and it turns out her family is all from Trinidad! That's about all she had to tell me about Trinidad. 
Benny's baptism is Saturday and we are all really excited! He is a really awesome guy! I'll be sure to send pictures. 
We went to Parasboro and saw the bay of Fundy and did some proselyting there. Its in our area and very Beautiful. We haven't had to much success but to we are visiting a potential who promised to read the  Book of Mormon in a week so we'll see how he did. Oh and here's a picture of a full rainbow in Amherst!
Oh and my area and companions all stayed the same

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I kinda like it here

Hey Dad everything has been going great! I lied last week Benny's baptism is on the 29! We are all supper excited for him! He has invited his brother to come and is really progressing well. 
Me and my companions are getting along really well! We have had lots of service projects over here stacking wood. Lots of people here have wood furnaces so we are packing their basements full of wood before the weather gets bad. 
We are getting fed really well here! And Brother Wee Len, the guy from Trinidad said he has a whole list of names ready and prepared for me when I leave. 
I got a card reader so I should be able to transfer you lots of pictures! 
One of my companions gave me a suit that was too small for them and I bought some sweaters. Our mission president said I don't have to wear a suit but I do have to wear a sweater. 
We had stake conference here yesterday. It was really good. We do a lot of meetings through skype especially since Elder LeRoy is a district leader. and our area is really big so we do a lot of driving. Anyways thats about all that has happened!
Just some pictures of Dominican MTC.

I hope I get my visa soon, although I kinda like it here too. 
Because transfers are next week I will be emailing on Wednesday instead of Monday next week 

Love you Lots!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 10, 2016

Superstitious Voodoo

Hey Dad everything has been going really well. My mission president is President Pratt from Florida. 

I am serving right now in a small town called Amherst Nova Scotia but its right on the New Brunswick border. We just had a thanks giving Dinner in Moncton New Brunswick with other missionaries in our district and are staying the night here. There is a zone meeting here tomorrow and president Pratt gave us permission to go shopping tomorrow for sweaters and anything else we need. Its really pretty here and we have had really good weather. One of my companions sent me some pictures of us so I will send you them. 

We are in a Trio. Its myself Elder Ipson from Utah and Elder LeRoy from Belgium! I really like them! there funny guys. There is about 40 people in our branch and we did a service project the other day for the Lee Wen family. Brother Lee Wen was really surprised to here I was going to Trinidad because that is were he was born and where his family is all from. He then told me how superstitious Trini people are himself included and that voodoo is huge over there. He told me how they are a very spiritual people especially his family and that he had a dream the a day before I came of a man in a white suit which symbolizes death. He says he thinks I'm connected some how and that he is going to call his Dad and get a list of names of all his relatives in Trinidad for me. 

There was so much rain in Dominican that you could barely see on our way to the air port. There were fallen over trees and a few car accidents. Some parts of the road where covered in half a foot of water. When driving close to the ocean the waves would crash up against the shore splashing water onto the road. We were in a dinky little diesel taxi and our driver would yell HURRICANE!!!! He didn't speak much English but he got us to the airport on time. It was pretty crazy. 

I love hearing about Baxter I hope he is doing good. 

We are teaching a less active and his brother and they are taking it really well. His baptismal date is on the 19th I think but I'll try to double check on that. The way things are going I am sure he will have no problem being baptized then! Its really exciting! And I do have a printer here and yes my p days are on Mondays! Anyways I love you all Lots!

Elder Fisher

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Driving Through the Hurricane

 I'm at the mission home in Halifax right now. Getting here was a little crazy because of the hurricane we had to drive through to get to the airport. Our flight got delayed an hour because of it. 
While we were there, there was a lady asking us what we were so we told we were missionaries and we just finished our training. She asked a lot of questions and then asked if we could practice giving her a lesson. So we gave her a quick lesson on the restoration. All of our other flights after that were also delayed. On our flight from Boston to Halifax Elder Correia was sitting next to an older lady and they started talking a lot. Next thing you know he pulls out a plan of salvation pamphlet. Long story short he got her name and number and she lives 3 hours away from Halifax! Anyways Got to go!