Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, March 27, 2017

Open House

Wow well lots is going on at home! 

This week was a really good week for us. On Monday we visited an investigator and it was her mom's birthday so we had the opportunity to share a message with their friends and family and was able to set return appointment to see them. We returned on Thursday to teach them and then invited them to an open house we were having at the church on Sunday. They were the first ones to show up. While giving them the tour the spirit was very strong and they even commented on how they could feel the spirit. After the tour we showed the restoration film and they said they were going to come to church here. Unfortunately they didn't make it to church yesterday but we are going to visit them on Wednesday and invite them again. 

Also it seems like everyone we visited fed us and so we have eaten lots and lots of food this week. 

Oh and just for the update all my pictures for some reason disappeared but after scanning the card the computer was able to find all of them but they are all in a form I can't view them so i will try to fix the problem

Well we went back to the alligator man this week and he let us hold a live alligator. it was scary especially when it started to jerk in my hands but before he handed it to me he said don't let go of the head otherwise it will bite you and it will do lots of damage.I held on very tight.  

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, March 20, 2017

District Conference in Georgetown

Hey team! 

How's it going! So good to hear from everyone! This week has been good. Not a lot really happened but that's okay. We are still struggling to see people as they often don't seem to be home or other things pop up and makes them busy but we are trying to work around all obstacles. 

We had district conference here this weekend for all the members from east to west coast. It was really good. All of the branch's bused the members out to Georgetown so that was cool. We taught Soltin this week and he is really cool. Here we would brake all the lessons down and we would brake the restoration down to Who is God. The first vision, and the Book of Mormon. We taught him Who is God? He is very excited and wanting to learn more but is facing some struggles right now with finances and work and was unable to come to district conference on Sunday

Anyways love you guys lots!

Elder Fisher

 I think Shevana is going to New York on her mission.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey its good to hear from you.
This week was really good and we got to see lots of people. We are teaching a christian lady named Bridget and she says she knows what we are saying is true. She is very nice to us. She always wants to cook food for us. We gave her a baptismal date for April 15 so hopefully nothing will get in the way of that. 

Then we were trying to find a referral given to us from a member and we were getting lost trying to find this house so we decided to ask this random house if they new a Soltin Nazer. Sure enough one of the persons says that's me! We contacted him  at his cousins house. He lived further into the village but he is a Muslim man and his brothers moved to Canada and converted to Christianity and his mom saw how good his brothers were doing and told him that he needed to convert too and so he talked to his brother in law who is a member of the church. He came to church on Sunday and said he plans on coming back every Sunday. We are going to visit him on Tuesday

I have been studying a lot from Jesus the Christ and have been learning a lot about his ministry and mission here on the earth. Its very good. I have also been studying in Helamen when Nephi was so sorrowful when he saw all of the wickedness going on among the Nephites and warns them of destruction if they do not correct their ways. My studies have been helping me understand the love of God and how sad it is when others choose wickedness over happiness. I really have noticed the spirit in our lessons when it tells me when to start and when to stop and when to move on or to just bear my testimony. It is very cool and you can defiantly tell when you are teaching with it or with out it. Our biggest struggles here are people not being home when we go to see them and them not showing up to church. They will promise they are coming but when we call them in the mornings they are no longer able to make it and it is very very frustrating but we are working our way around it. Oh and the Duckman just ended up throwing the snake into the big canal that goes to the ocean. 

Anyways keep being awesome!

Oh and I got both Grandma and Grandpa Baker's and Fisher's packages last Friday but forgot to tell you last Monday! Anyways love you guys lots!

Elder Fisher

Well yesterday was Phagwah! And so is today because in Guyana any holiday that falls onto a Sunday also get moved over to Monday. Its a Indian holiday were you throw colored powder and splash water at each other and we went over to a members house who was playing. It was really fun and after we splashed each other with water. I also threw in a picture of the moon there from last Friday.

Some rice fields by our house and Me with my Christmas present

Monday, March 6, 2017

Food Poison


So good to hear from everyone. This week has been interesting. In Guyana many people don't get legally married and so that can be a big problem while teaching families. While teaching Sean, we found out that he wasn't legally married to his wife and so we are hoping we can get that cleared up as soon as possible. 
Then on Thursday Elder Cooper was sick and we had to stay in all day. 
Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome! We then had to go back to Georgetown for our interviews with the mission president, President Egbert. We decided to treat ourselves to the pizza hut in Georgetown after. We weren't feeling too good after but went to Sandra and Robert's house. Robert wasn't there but Sandra was and she said that Robert no longer wants to change his religion. We were very surprised to hear that and set up a time when we could teach them both. We both weren't feeling very good at this point and decided we better go back to the apartment. Before we even got in we were vomiting. We were then up until 3 am with food poisoning and ended up having to stay in all of Sunday. We are feeling better now but are still a little sore and I haven't eaten anything but toast since then. In fact that's all that sounds appetizing right now. 

Warning! Snake Pictures!

While biking home we passed our neighbor and investigator Duckman. Lots of people have nicknames in Guyana. As you probably guessed Duckman raises and sells ducks. He is also very crazy. While biking past his house he calls us over and yells REPTILE! REPTILE! We go over and sure enough there's a giant dead anaconda in his duck pen. It got some of his ducks before he spotted it and was able to kill it with his cutlass. We then got him to reenact him killing it for us. 

This last picture is myself and Elder Carillo from Ecuador. He is a good friend of mine and also the assistant to the President. He is holding an alligator statue. 

love Elder Fisher