Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, April 17, 2017


Hey so this week was pretty cool. We met lots of cool people this week. First I will start with an investigator we met last week. Her name is Patricia. She is a very nice and sweet older lady. We taught her about the restoration last week and after teaching her about the restored church she said she thought she was going on the right track but now she is not sure and committed on praying if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Her understanding of the lesson was above most that we teach. When we came back this week to follow up she said she had no answer but no worries because in the Trinidad Port of Spain mission we teach the restoration in three parts. First: God is our Loving Heavenly Father. Second: The restoration/first vision which includes gospel dispensations and the apostasy and thirdly: the Book of Mormon. So we were on lesson three this week, The Book of Mormon. She was very interested when explaining it and said she was excited to read it! She understood how she would be able to receive an answer to her prayers by reading.

 Back to meeting lots of people this week. We first met Tyson. Tyson is a very Religious man who's wife recently passed away and is still morning over her death. We shared with him a plan of salvation pamphlet and have started teaching him the Restoration lessons. he understands them but doesn't at the same time. its really confusing. Then later this week we were contacting and the very first house we were about to contact calls us over. Lots of kids there and they were all speaking Spanish. Turns out they had just moved there three weeks ago from Venezuela in order to live a happier and safer life. The mom is part Guyanese and speaks very good English. I can actually understand her better than most of the Guyanese. They were really friendly to us. The mom said she was Muslim and her husband who wasn't there is a Hindu but they love Christians a lot and are excited for us to start teaching them. I'm really excited to start teaching them!

Easter! Remember how I told you every Sunday is considered a holiday in Guyana. Same thing applies with Easter so here they have Easter Monday instead of Easter Sunday. Luckily we were able to get an email shop open today but all the missionaries are here too making it a little slow. 
My favorite Christlike attribute would have to be virtue because you gotta have virtue to have the spirit.
This is a picture of Brother Savory

Anyways thats all I got!

Love Elder Fisher

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