Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tat it for tis week

Everything is still going great! 

Sounds like there is lots of snow at home well we have been getting a little bit of rain! This morning we were on our way to play basketball with some missionaries. When we got off the mini bus it was pouring and we had to run down the road some and across the busy street to hide from the rain and catch a car to go to La Grange. In that little distance we were soaked head to toe but we are all dry now and it is now very hot outside. Every morning it rains and then gets hot hot hot in the day.

We started teaching another Muslim family and they are all so very kind to us. They have already become some of my favorites. This week we were teaching our investigators Sandra and Robert. They are Hindus. Hindus are very kind and polite and will talk to you very easily but are very stubborn in their Hindu ways. They always say "Me born a Hindu, Me die a Hindu!"  Robert however is very receptive and is believing on the message. Sandra, his wife, however is a little more hesitant but we felt they both needed a baptismal date. When we went over we taught them about the doctrine of Christ and why baptism is an important part of the gospel. Robert we new would be willing to be baptized but we were unsure about Sandra. Sure enough Robert accepted and Sandra was a little hesitant at first and we waited for her answer. She sat there thinking about it and then said "yeah I'll get baptized" We were both very excited however right now our biggest problem with investigators is getting them to travel to church but once we can get some of our investigators going they will be ready.
Anyways I think that's it for this week or as the Guyanese would say it "Me tinks tat it for tis week!"

Love Elder Fisher

Alligator scripture case

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hindu Celebration

Hey its so good to hear from everyone! Sounds like home is doing awesome! The new Avenger movie sounds cool. I can't wait to come home and watch all of the new superhero movies!!! 

Okay first your questions! Shawn! Shawn is doing great! We saw him last night and are going to teach him again tonight. We invited him to be baptized on March 18 and at first he wasn't sure if he would be ready by then so he didn't accept the date or decline it. We invited him to pray about it before we left and when we came back we asked him if he had prayed about it and he said he had and he feels he will be ready by March 18th! He is still progressing very well and asking lots of good questions. He is understanding very well. Shawn is awesome! 

Muslims in Guyana... There are lots and lots! Not as many as Hindus but still plenty. The biggest religion here is Hindu then Muslim then Christianity. The Muslim people here are all very good people and very kind and polite. Shawn is actually a Muslim! 

Now the Alligator man Questions. When I first asked him to make me an alligator case I told him there was no rush and to take his time since Christmas and new years and all these other holidays were coming up. When I took Elder Cooper by there last week he was showing us all of his stuff and Elder Cooper decided he wanted one too and he said since I have been so patient with mine he is going to make our scripture cases out of his oldest and biggest alligator skins that he can't get anymore and that he was going to give them to us for cheaper then everyone else and we are picking them up this afternoon so I will send pictures next week! The Alligator Man took the discussions a long time ago and likes our message but is more interested in his christian church. We asked him about hunting alligators and he said he used to go hunting for them a lot but now he gets other people to hunt them for him and buys the alligators from them, kills them, skins them, and does all the leather work. He loves what he does though! 

I definitely understand the language a lot better but some people are just tough. I'm getting the talking on the phone down but some people speak strait gibberish here. There is a lot of different slang here and so I'm working on the vocabulary a lot right now. The thick accent I can mostly understand but still a few I really struggle and have to listen closely. 

Oh, I went to a Hindu celebration for one of our investigators and they fed us with 7 curry! Its really tasty and you eat it out of a leaf. We also used cutlasses to cut the grass in an investigators yard. That's their lawnmowers here. Anyways I think that's everything!

A picture of the sunset 

Elder Cooper and I holding cutlases after doing some weeding with me cutting the grass 

Me eating 7 curry for the first time. Oh and you have to eat it with your hands. 

The sea wall at low tide! 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Companion

(Blog warning for those who may not like snakes)

Hey sounds like home is still cold and awesome. We got plenty rain this week but only in short and heavy burst. 
Elder Cooper is really awesome and we are having a lot of fun. He is from Oakley Idaho and his last companion was Elder Gibson my MTC companion. I have been showing him the area lots and working hard. 
We are teaching a man named Shawn. He is a Muslim man and is very good friends with some less actives members. We have been working with them and he told us at the end of the last lesson he is tired of these short 45 minute lessons and wants longer lessons because he wants to learn. We plan on visiting him more often now. We are really struggling with getting investigators to church still but hopefully we will have more luck this week. We have also been working with members lots this week and have been seeing success from that.

We went back to the alligator man's house this week and he was showing us how big the snake was. 

Here is a picture of Elder Cooper and I being gangster 

and here is a little boy with my helmet and bike. 
Love Elder Fisher

Monday, February 6, 2017

Is God Dead

Hey! sounds pretty cold and snowy at home. It rains here just about everyday but usually in short bursts. 

Saturday we had transfer calls. It was a very interesting one because they moved so many missionaries around.  Elder Peterson is being Transferred to Diamond and my new companion is going to be Elder Cooper. He was in Burbese which is way on the other side of the country. He also was in the same MTC group as Elder Paul and Elder Peterson. Every missionary who I have talked to who knows him say he's a really awesome missionary so I'm excited to serve with him in the Vreed - En - Hoop area. 

I also got the Cook's Christmas card this week! 

Some people have monkeys for pets. In fact one time while walking through the Stabroak Market there was a man with a bunch of caged monkeys for sale. I was really tempted to buy one. But I didn't.

My spiritual experience for this week was when we were teaching our investigators Annesia and Kelvin and there Aunt came out of the house to where we were and Asks "Is God dead because he's done nothing for me" We then flipped the whole lesson around and talked about God and Jesus Christ and really focused on the Atonement. We definitely taught with the spirit no doubt and it was what she needed to hear. She then committed to coming to church but when church came around a couple days later she wasn't there.  :( It's frustrating. We're going to find out why she didn't come. Anyways I think that's all I got. Talk to yas next week. 

Love Elder Fisher

The first picture is a picture of the sea wall at night. the second one is of a street we go to all the time in Windsor Forest. The last one is my last picture with Elder Rios before he leaves to serve in Curacao.