Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, July 17, 2017

Michael Jackson dance off

Hey its so good to her from everyone again. 

My week went really well. No real complaints. We have been teaching and visiting lots of people lately. We have been teaching a girl named Macy. She is living with her aunt's family who are all members. We have been preparing her for baptism but progress seemed a little slow. She was having a hard time going to church because she kept having work and they would always tease her for quitting drinking coffee.  Then a couple of weeks ago she got fired from her job and she has been coming to church and hasn't been struggling with coffee since! She really has been building her testimony in the last few weeks and its  great to see the positive results of living the lord's commandments. Her baptism is set for the 29th. 
Everything has been going well here in Diamond and I really have nothing to complain about. still lots of rain and lots of happiness. 
There is so many good people here of all backgrounds. We got challenged by a black guy to a dance off to Beat it by Michael Jackson. He had some pretty good moves but we didn't challenge him back. He just yelled hey white guys as we rode by and started dancing as we rode by so we gave him a big thumbs up and kept riding. The church here really helps bring everyone closer and  it really wonderful to see. Its a good place here.

Picture of the rain and us on a horse and buggy thing

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 10, 2017

Rain every day

 Wow I'm an Uncle! That's awesome! 

Sounds like home is hot and crazy! Good to hear everyone is doing so well. This week was pretty good for me. Today is the first day of July we haven't had pouring rain! its great! We have been absorbing the sun lots too. Especially today! Nice and hot!

This week was good. We visited lots of people and had some really good lessons. Not a lot of really cool stories but we are working with a few people. We have had to move all of our baptismal dates back because no one is progressing fast enough. we have been looking for plenty people to teach. Its been going alright. 
Can't complain too much! Rain rain rain. Ever since I have gotten here its rains everyday. It will rain really hard for a couple hours and then as fast as it comes in it goes. You really can't tell when its going to rain or stop because it comes and goes so quick. Life is good!

Had to celebrate USA's birthday with some brownies and candles. Elder Bigler and I and Elder Hill and I.

love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey this week was good!

I saw some big iguanas in our yard to day.  That was pretty cool.

We have been biking lots and trying to dodge the rain. I think I am getting the hands of everything her in Diamond. Life is good. I don't really have anything to complain about. Nothing really big has happened lately. We have been doing some searching and looking for some new people to teach. Nothing really out of the ordinary. 

Hey hows that for Bananas. I hope I make great grandpa Fisher proud. These bananas are a little smaller though than the ones in his picture while he was on his mission in Tonga. . I saw them and took the opportunity. Also took a Canada Day mirror selfie.  

Love you all so much

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey  this week has been good. The address for our house says we live in Great Diamond and we work in the scheme mostly. Our area goes a little into Golden Grove too. 
This week has been great and I feel like I am getting the area down. 
There are a lot more Christians in this area but still lots of Hindus and Muslims. Lots more Rastafarian people too. We contacted one named Jones and are going back to teach him on Tuesday but I'll be on an exchange that day in Potentia. His dreadlocks were way past his butt and he said he hasn't cut his hair in 30 years! 
Its pretty cool here and I am really enjoying being Elder Bigler's companion. 
I really enjoyed hearing everyone's little messages! 
I bet Kiana will go to the Dominican Republic. Thanks for all of the support!
Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 19, 2017

Diamond Central

Everything is great! Diamond Central is great. Everyday is busy for us. Lots of fun though. Home sounds crazy as always. Life is good and i am very happy. Happy to hear how everyone is doing
Elder Bigler is awesome and I feel like I am really going to enjoy it here. 

Your question about the Demerara River. Well its defiantly not dried up. The water is gold. There is like no blue water in Guyana. Remember the pictures I sent on the boat. That was me crossing the river. 

The Savory family is the best family. They are so cool and take very good care of the missionaries. That is where we Skyped at. 

Diamond Central is just what the mission calls the area. The area is mostly the Diamond scheme (the name of where we are at) and parts of Grove. Its a much smaller area but more dense. It also rains a lot here. Everything has been really sweet.

Elder Bigler in his hammock

 This is what happens when  Elder Fisher accidentally locks the keys in the new house. Luckily they were on the shelf but we still had to get creative and go fishing.
Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Vreed en Hoop


Well big news! Transfers is this week and I'm...... Leaving Vreed - En - Hoop and moving to Diamond Central with Elder Biglor. I leave tomorrow at around 12. It will be pretty good.     
(Note from Dad....Since this email came in I have been looking for Diamond Central with no help from Google. I did go onto the "Trinidad, Port of Spain" Facebook page and asked if anyone could tell me where Elder Fisher was headed "Diamond Central." I got flooded with responses. He is in Vreed en hoop which is on the north side of the Demerara river, across from Georgetown. Diamond area is an area on the south side of the river and it is split into 3 areas. Georgetown is in the most north area, then heading south its Glen Park area and then Diamond. So he is about 45 minutes away from his old area just on the opposite side of the river. Then i got a message from the     Ali-Savory family from Vreed en hoop and they said "Elder Fisher is an awesome missionary, my family loves him dearly. He is all good" Also I got a message from Elder Bigler's mom stating that "Diamond is just outside of Georgetown. He will be serving with my son." I found out that his new companion is from Salem Utah and has been serving since December. He also had to serve 6 weeks states side while waiting for his visa to come. 
There were others but it was pretty cool instantly connecting with all these people that had connections with Elder Fisher)

(Back to Elder Fisher's letter) Sultan's baptism was on Saturday. It went really well. He is such a cool guy. He still hasn't missed church since his incident. It also turns out Dianna is related to Brother Savory! He is the the guy I sent a picture of a few weeks ago who left to work in the interior. She seems very prepared and Sultan is making a great fellow-shipper. 
It is very hot here and yes it rains a lot. We do get lightning but its just a flash in the clouds and there is no thunder ever. Its kinda strange. 
All and all things have been really good. I'm going to miss Vreed - En - Hoop.

A picture of us with Sultan And Brother Peter who baptized him as well as Brother Jumen, then just us and Sultan and then the beautiful greenish brown water that comes out of the baptismal font. it was a really good baptism!

Finally found a live centipede. That thing is nasty!  It's HUGE! and moved fast.

Big group pics with the three missionaries leaving the branch.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 5, 2017

New Investigator

Hey! I'm so glad to hear Rob and Dawn got sealed! That's so awesome! 
So Sultan! His baptism is scheduled for Saturday and we are getting him all ready. We ran in to some problems yesterday however. We went over to his house last night and there was a girl there. He introduces us to her. They told us that her name is Dianna and she got fired from her job the other day. Oh and her house was owned by her boss so she got kicked out had no where to go. Sultan's son worked with her and asked Sultan is she could please live with him until she finds a place to stay. Sultan said yes out of the goodness of his heart so he agrees. Unfortunately even though nothing is going on he cant get baptized if he's living with a girl as there is a chance they could break the law of chastity. Sultan was pretty shocked when we told him that. Dianna was very kind and understanding and was willing to try to find somewhere else. Sultan thought for a second and said. "What if I separate this side of my house. There is only one door to it from the inside and one to the outside. What if I seal of that door and build some shelves and things so she can live here. I'll stay up all night doing it if i have too." We weren't too sure and so we gave President Egbert a phone call to see what he thinks. He said that would be fine as long as he understands the law of chastity and she moves out in the near future. Little bit of a scare there. Sultan is such a boss (cool guy). And he is the kindest person I have ever met. Life is good. And we got another investigator out of this whole situation. Dianna is very kind and moved here from Venezuala in 2009. 

Anyways I love you all so much!

Picture of some goats and a Majid in the background and then the street we where on.

Love Elder Fisher 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long term goal for Guyana

Well it sounds like it was a very busy week for all of you. This week has been kinda busy for me too. Just lots of teaching and finding. Lots of traveling too! 
We had to go to Georgetown for our interviews with President Egbert on Saturday and yesterday we had to go to the East Coast Chapel for Zone Conference. It has been a very good week. 
Nothing really big happened. just same old same old. We learned all about temples for zone conference and we're pretty lucky to have one so close to home. It truly is the house of the Lord. The long term goal for Guyana is to get a stake and eventually a temple. Go to the temple often. 
Well its very easy here to make the first contact. Just about everyone will tell you their name and phone number and will allow you to come back you just need to use hints and most importantly the spirit to know who to return to and visit. Its when you start teaching them that things start to get difficult. People here love talking but have a hard time changing. Teaching the Priesthood is one of the hardest things for investigators to understand. One of the most effective ways for us to teach the priesthood is comparing it to keys to a house or a gate. You have to use lots of visuals and comparisons. Then they start to slowly understand. 
Branch council... Its interesting here. Its gotten better but its really hard to get member help here.
Love Elder Fisher 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Letter to mom

Hey Mommy!!!

It sounds like it was a pretty good week for all of you.

My week has been pretty good. Lots of sun and lots of rain. We have been outside lots too.

Its cool seeing how everyone here gets along. We met three moms the other day and asked them what religion they were. One said Catholic the other said Muslim and the third said Hindu. They were just sitting outside of their house laughing and talking. 

Love you Mom!

Love Elder Fisher

Big Guyana Flag

This week was really good. We tried to do lots of contacting. We met lots of people. We met the Ramkaran family. The father is a hindu but converted to Christianity when he married his wife. One of his kidneys failed and the other one is passing some stones so he isn't supposed to work too much. The mother started going to different churches 5 times a week and read the bible every single day looking for a miracle. She got a nervous breakdown instead. She completely quit providing for her family putting more of a load on her husband. He is very frustrated and they don't go to church as much but they haven't given up on God yet. I hope they allow the restored gospel to bless their lives and repair their family. Too many broken families here. 
On a more happier note we are teaching a lady named Savitri! She is a Hindu lady but is very kind and sweet to us. We taught her about the Restoration and she really enjoyed it and participate in the lesson lots. You could just see the holy spirit fill her as she began to understand and committed to pray to see if Joseph Smith is a prophet. We also met more Venezuelans this week but they weren't too interested in hearing our message. Very kind though. Well it was really good to hear from everyone. 
Oh and also next Monday we have zone conference which means I won't be emailing until Tuesday

Well we had a big Guyana flag and a Guyana hat so we put two and two together and took some sweet pictures! Oh and that's a pomegranate tree outside of our house.

  A sunset

Love you lots

Elder Fisher      

Monday, May 15, 2017


Everything has been great! I loved Skyping home! 
This week we visited Brigette every single day preparing her for the baptism. She is the sweetest lady ever. The baptism went great and President King (Branch President) was there only a half hour after the baptism was supposed to start. Not bad considering he had to perform it. People have a hard time being on time for baptisms for some reason. When we call asking where they are, they always tell us we'll be there just now. Just now means it will be a while. But the baptism was great and she came to church the next day for the confirmation and it went very well. We have been working lots with Sultan. He brought his little nephew with him to church this Sunday. He is such a good guy. He is probably one of the kindest persons I have ever met. I am so excited for him and his baptism!

 Here is a big green grasshopper that decided to come to the church for Brigette's baptism

Anyways I love you all so much!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, May 8, 2017

Baptism on Saturday


This week has been really good. We have been teaching Sulttan about the commandments and so far he is willing to live them. He has set a goal to quit smoking by May 10th! One month before he is baptized! He still hasn't missed church as well! 
Great news! Bridget is getting baptized on Saturday!!!! We have been working really hard with her and helping her understand the importance of the Priesthood. After the first time she came to church her Pastor at the church she normally attends chastised her and told her not to go any more or to be baptized into our church. After that experience she told us she wanted to put her baptism on hold and that she wasn't sure she would come to our church but now she understands why she needs to come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority. She is converted. We went and visited her last night and she said while selling in the market in Wales a lady there approached her and told her to stop visiting with us because we are secret agents and once we baptized her we are going to kill her and throw her in a trench behind the church. She told us how sorry she felt for that lady and said she then rebuked her in the name of Jesus Christ and how you have to rebuke people sometimes. She is awesome! then when we started emailing we got a phone call from her saying her daughter wants to be baptized on Saturday too but we haven't taught her so we will have to explain that she needs to be taught all of the lessons first and come to church.Oh and uh my camera broke...  So i need to buy a new one here and the only places that takes bank cards from outside of Guyana is Scotia Bank so I might be pulling out a lot of money here. 

Here is a couple of pictures I was able to snap before my camera broke.

Anyways Love you lots!

Elder Fisher

Monday, May 1, 2017

Transfer time....or not?


Transfer calls were on Friday. It was exciting because I have been here in Vreed En Hoop for 6 months and lots of companionship's have been in their areas for a long time so we were expecting lots of changes and moving around. I had no clue where I was going to go. The phone rang on Saturday morning to give us our transfer calls and Elder Hunt the assistant to the President says "Where do you think you going?" I said "I don't know I literally can go any where but I'm going to guess Linden" He says "Not bad your pretty close, your going to Vreed En Hoop!" Yup I survived 5 transfers here but I'm happy because I love it here! There was almost no changes in Guyana. I am really excited to stay here because that means I will be able to see what happens to our investigators! 

This week was really good. We met another Venezuelan family while contacting. There are lots of Venezuelan people fleeing to Guyana. They are really nice and accepting to the missionaries despite much of the language barriers we are facing right now. The first family we found we taught them the Restoration this week. It went very well and one of the daughters started to open up to us and ask lots of really good questions. The mother speaks the best English so the message was able to get across. When we were on our exchange with Elder Carrilo last week after we had taught them he recorded the first vision for us in Spanish. We first recited it in English for them and then played it in Spanish and the spirit was so strong while it played in Spanish. It was defiantly inspired that Elder Carrilo came on an exchange with us that day. 

Our phone kept randomly turning off this week and so we had to go to Georgetown this week so that we could meet the Georgetown Zone leaders to deliver a phone from the office to us. They also happened to have a Spanish Book of Mormon in their apartment. No one in our zone had one and the mission office didn't have one either and so we didn't know how we were going to get them one. Apparently they are ordering a whole bunch of them because lots of companionship's have been asking for them but it takes forever for supplies to get to Guyana. Things have just been working with them. Oh and Sultan is still keeping his word and hasn't missed church since his incident. His baptismal date is set for June 10 and I am really happy because I should still be here for it!

Here is a picture of me and Sultan and of it raining outside of the church.

Anyways that's it!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, April 24, 2017

One productive week

This week was really good for us. It was one of our most productive weeks. We had zone conference and after Elder Carrillo the AP came with us on an exchange. The night he was with us happened to also be the night we visited the Venezuelan family and so it was so nice to have someone who could speak and teach in Spanish. it was a very spiritual lesson because there was no language barrier between us. The next few days following we did our best to fill our time wisely and we were able to teach more people and contact more people. We visited Sultan this week and he had a big gash on his head and a bunch of stitches. We asked him what had happened and he said that last Sunday after work he got in an argument with some kid and the kid picked up a piece of wood and smashed it on his head. he told us that he realizes that if he was at church that this would have never happened and he promised us he wouldn't miss church again no matter if he had work or not. So far he has been true to his word hence he was at church yesterday. Then Bridget. We have been trying to get her to come to church and she kept making excuses but this week as we were getting ready for church she gave us a call and said "Hey when are you leaving for church? My husband and I are going to give you a ride." She is awesome! 
That was my week.

Oh and the heat. it is very hot I'm not exactly what the temperature has been but i assure you it is very hot. I am very used to it now. I don't sweat as much as I used to but of course I still sweat a lot. Everyone sweats a lot here. I am pretty used to it. When we get into the apartment we crank on the A/C and I like to just stand under it and blow on my face for five minutes. Its great. I love A/C sooo much. 

On Easter here in Guyana everyone goes out and fly's kites and so we all bought kites and went and flew them on our P day last week after we emailed.  There is a sunset and then  a picture of the fishman's truck. We met the Alligatorman, the Duckman, but we haven't contacted the Fishman yet just rode past him a few times.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, April 17, 2017


Hey so this week was pretty cool. We met lots of cool people this week. First I will start with an investigator we met last week. Her name is Patricia. She is a very nice and sweet older lady. We taught her about the restoration last week and after teaching her about the restored church she said she thought she was going on the right track but now she is not sure and committed on praying if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Her understanding of the lesson was above most that we teach. When we came back this week to follow up she said she had no answer but no worries because in the Trinidad Port of Spain mission we teach the restoration in three parts. First: God is our Loving Heavenly Father. Second: The restoration/first vision which includes gospel dispensations and the apostasy and thirdly: the Book of Mormon. So we were on lesson three this week, The Book of Mormon. She was very interested when explaining it and said she was excited to read it! She understood how she would be able to receive an answer to her prayers by reading.

 Back to meeting lots of people this week. We first met Tyson. Tyson is a very Religious man who's wife recently passed away and is still morning over her death. We shared with him a plan of salvation pamphlet and have started teaching him the Restoration lessons. he understands them but doesn't at the same time. its really confusing. Then later this week we were contacting and the very first house we were about to contact calls us over. Lots of kids there and they were all speaking Spanish. Turns out they had just moved there three weeks ago from Venezuela in order to live a happier and safer life. The mom is part Guyanese and speaks very good English. I can actually understand her better than most of the Guyanese. They were really friendly to us. The mom said she was Muslim and her husband who wasn't there is a Hindu but they love Christians a lot and are excited for us to start teaching them. I'm really excited to start teaching them!

Easter! Remember how I told you every Sunday is considered a holiday in Guyana. Same thing applies with Easter so here they have Easter Monday instead of Easter Sunday. Luckily we were able to get an email shop open today but all the missionaries are here too making it a little slow. 
My favorite Christlike attribute would have to be virtue because you gotta have virtue to have the spirit.
This is a picture of Brother Savory

Anyways thats all I got!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, April 10, 2017

Power of prayer

Its been  good to hear from you. I love you all so very much! 

This week was good with lessons and everything. Our investigator Bridget tells us she knows the church is true but she wants to attend our church only occasionally so that she can still attend the church she is currently attending. Elder Cooper was praying one night and asked what can we do to help Bridget and the thought came into his head "Ye cannot serve two masters" After I finished praying he goes Elder Fisher do you know what scripture we need to share with Bridget and the first thing that pops in my head was "You cannot serve God and mammon." Elder Cooper goes "How did you know my scripture!" When we visited her the next day we shared these scriptures with her and before we even start reading she starts laughing and says "You guys are smart!" and committed to coming to church every week. Having said that, she missed church yesterday because she was sick and stuff. We will get her there eventually! 

My next story is with Soltin. We were teaching him about the Book of Mormon and after we invited him to be baptized on June 10th. Before we even finished he had a big grin on his face and said absolutely! 

Then we were teaching one of my favorite families Zalina, Alisa and Ne-az. They are great. I think I mentioned them once before in the past. They are Muslims and we were reading from the Book of Mormon with them they started asking all sorts of questions about the priesthood and baptism and different things. Alisa also said she got an answer that Joseph Smith was indeed a true prophet. They are all so great!

Another nasty squished centipede! I just hope I don't find an alive one! 

 Anyways i hope that was good!

Love you all!
Elder Fisher 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Playing with the snake


Everything has been good. This week was kinda tough with all of the appointments cancelled but it gave us more time to contact and find people. 
I was able to watch all of the sessions at general conference. It was really good. and I really enjoyed it. We are working really hard with some investigators and I feel very confident about their desires to follow Jesus Christ. Its just a matter of getting them to come to church and consistently. Soltin came to General Conference. We have been struggling to teach him because he has been in Berbice which is on the other side of the country but is very committed to coming to church when he is here. That's really exciting. Home sounds really crazy with everything going on but that's really cool. 
So update on the lost pictures I can view them on the computer but there format or something doesn't work in anything else and so i need to find out how to convert CHK to JPEG or something. I told some other missionaries about it and they said the same thing happened to some of there pictures when they used that email shop so I don't think we will go back there.

SNAKE ALERT for those with fears of snakes

Well as you will see here we went back to the Alligator man with some missionaries to pick up some stuff he had made for them and we decided to take more pictures with the snake. As you see we thought it would be cool to get a picture with it on my shoulders but then it tried to strangle and kill me. Luckily I had Elder Cooper there to take pictures. 

Don't worry I had the Alligatorman right there to save me!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, March 27, 2017

Open House

Wow well lots is going on at home! 

This week was a really good week for us. On Monday we visited an investigator and it was her mom's birthday so we had the opportunity to share a message with their friends and family and was able to set return appointment to see them. We returned on Thursday to teach them and then invited them to an open house we were having at the church on Sunday. They were the first ones to show up. While giving them the tour the spirit was very strong and they even commented on how they could feel the spirit. After the tour we showed the restoration film and they said they were going to come to church here. Unfortunately they didn't make it to church yesterday but we are going to visit them on Wednesday and invite them again. 

Also it seems like everyone we visited fed us and so we have eaten lots and lots of food this week. 

Oh and just for the update all my pictures for some reason disappeared but after scanning the card the computer was able to find all of them but they are all in a form I can't view them so i will try to fix the problem

Well we went back to the alligator man this week and he let us hold a live alligator. it was scary especially when it started to jerk in my hands but before he handed it to me he said don't let go of the head otherwise it will bite you and it will do lots of damage.I held on very tight.  

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, March 20, 2017

District Conference in Georgetown

Hey team! 

How's it going! So good to hear from everyone! This week has been good. Not a lot really happened but that's okay. We are still struggling to see people as they often don't seem to be home or other things pop up and makes them busy but we are trying to work around all obstacles. 

We had district conference here this weekend for all the members from east to west coast. It was really good. All of the branch's bused the members out to Georgetown so that was cool. We taught Soltin this week and he is really cool. Here we would brake all the lessons down and we would brake the restoration down to Who is God. The first vision, and the Book of Mormon. We taught him Who is God? He is very excited and wanting to learn more but is facing some struggles right now with finances and work and was unable to come to district conference on Sunday

Anyways love you guys lots!

Elder Fisher

 I think Shevana is going to New York on her mission.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey its good to hear from you.
This week was really good and we got to see lots of people. We are teaching a christian lady named Bridget and she says she knows what we are saying is true. She is very nice to us. She always wants to cook food for us. We gave her a baptismal date for April 15 so hopefully nothing will get in the way of that. 

Then we were trying to find a referral given to us from a member and we were getting lost trying to find this house so we decided to ask this random house if they new a Soltin Nazer. Sure enough one of the persons says that's me! We contacted him  at his cousins house. He lived further into the village but he is a Muslim man and his brothers moved to Canada and converted to Christianity and his mom saw how good his brothers were doing and told him that he needed to convert too and so he talked to his brother in law who is a member of the church. He came to church on Sunday and said he plans on coming back every Sunday. We are going to visit him on Tuesday

I have been studying a lot from Jesus the Christ and have been learning a lot about his ministry and mission here on the earth. Its very good. I have also been studying in Helamen when Nephi was so sorrowful when he saw all of the wickedness going on among the Nephites and warns them of destruction if they do not correct their ways. My studies have been helping me understand the love of God and how sad it is when others choose wickedness over happiness. I really have noticed the spirit in our lessons when it tells me when to start and when to stop and when to move on or to just bear my testimony. It is very cool and you can defiantly tell when you are teaching with it or with out it. Our biggest struggles here are people not being home when we go to see them and them not showing up to church. They will promise they are coming but when we call them in the mornings they are no longer able to make it and it is very very frustrating but we are working our way around it. Oh and the Duckman just ended up throwing the snake into the big canal that goes to the ocean. 

Anyways keep being awesome!

Oh and I got both Grandma and Grandpa Baker's and Fisher's packages last Friday but forgot to tell you last Monday! Anyways love you guys lots!

Elder Fisher

Well yesterday was Phagwah! And so is today because in Guyana any holiday that falls onto a Sunday also get moved over to Monday. Its a Indian holiday were you throw colored powder and splash water at each other and we went over to a members house who was playing. It was really fun and after we splashed each other with water. I also threw in a picture of the moon there from last Friday.

Some rice fields by our house and Me with my Christmas present

Monday, March 6, 2017

Food Poison


So good to hear from everyone. This week has been interesting. In Guyana many people don't get legally married and so that can be a big problem while teaching families. While teaching Sean, we found out that he wasn't legally married to his wife and so we are hoping we can get that cleared up as soon as possible. 
Then on Thursday Elder Cooper was sick and we had to stay in all day. 
Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome! We then had to go back to Georgetown for our interviews with the mission president, President Egbert. We decided to treat ourselves to the pizza hut in Georgetown after. We weren't feeling too good after but went to Sandra and Robert's house. Robert wasn't there but Sandra was and she said that Robert no longer wants to change his religion. We were very surprised to hear that and set up a time when we could teach them both. We both weren't feeling very good at this point and decided we better go back to the apartment. Before we even got in we were vomiting. We were then up until 3 am with food poisoning and ended up having to stay in all of Sunday. We are feeling better now but are still a little sore and I haven't eaten anything but toast since then. In fact that's all that sounds appetizing right now. 

Warning! Snake Pictures!

While biking home we passed our neighbor and investigator Duckman. Lots of people have nicknames in Guyana. As you probably guessed Duckman raises and sells ducks. He is also very crazy. While biking past his house he calls us over and yells REPTILE! REPTILE! We go over and sure enough there's a giant dead anaconda in his duck pen. It got some of his ducks before he spotted it and was able to kill it with his cutlass. We then got him to reenact him killing it for us. 

This last picture is myself and Elder Carillo from Ecuador. He is a good friend of mine and also the assistant to the President. He is holding an alligator statue. 

love Elder Fisher