Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, November 13, 2017

With tears in his eyes

We have been working really hard trying to visit and catch up to everyone. The amount of work to do here is unreal. There is always so much to do. So many people to see and not enough time to see them. We are doing our best though. 

This week was really good. We have been teaching this guy named Aubrey. He served 9 years in the Guyana special forces. He likes to tell us stories about how he jumped out of air planes and did survival courses in the jungle living off of Jaguar and anaconda meat. He lives right across from the church. He works 6 days a week from 5am to 7pm doing security work. Sunday is his day to take care of the house and look after his sick wife. His wife Bibi has been very sick. She used to sit in on the lessons but the past few weeks she hasn't felt too well and has been in bed when we come and visit. We went to visit him Monday night and we saw there were people over at his house. He came out and he told us that Bibi had passed away that afternoon. He told us to come back Friday night. On Friday we went back to teach him and had a very spiritual lesson. We have been teaching him about the plan of Salvation the last few lessons. We were on our life on earth when we visited him. We talked about life and repentance and how everyone has to die. He told us how he had found a church that he is going to go to. We asked him what church is that and he said "Burn bush" Burn bush is the street our church is on. We had a good little laugh. After we were able to give him a blessing of comfort. After the blessing the smile on his face with tears in his eyes was priceless. Unfortunately he didn't make it to church yesterday and when we went to visit him he said it wasn't a good time and to come back the next day. 

We also got to dig a big hole in the mud for a septic tank this week!

Love ya all 
Elder Fisher

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Importance of Home teaching

I miss the cold every now and then. Its just so hot here all the time but its great! Glad to hear Halloween went so well. They don't have Halloween here so there was nothing too special going on. 

Hey this week was pretty good. We had zone conference with Elder Alonso of the seventy. He is pretty cool. He is the one who spoke in general conference about service with love. It was really good. We learned how to better use the Book of Mormon in our teachings. Mine and Elder Buxton's lesson went pretty well. Working this week was a little limited since we had to go up to Georgetown for that. Then Elder Buxton got really sick on Friday from some food he ate and we couldn't go out. 

Saturday we had international day of service. We planted palm trees around the Church yard. We were able to receive a lot of help from a returning member named Hilton. Hilton was born with a spine condition and is unable to walk. He was born into a Muslim home growing up but his family soon turned Christian. His mom is a very devout 7th Day Adventist and so ever since he joined the church two years ago he has lost much of her support and he needs her to survive. He attended church for a while after his baptism but he never was visited by any members or even anyone of the Branch Presidency. He said he would ask the branch President if he would visit him or send him home teachers or anything and the Branch President said he would and it just stayed at that. Soon Hilton found himself falling into his old habits and not going to church. Just recently he realized how what he  is doing isn't right. He has moved over to our branch's area with his mom in the time of his inactivity and is fully committed to living the Gospel. At church he has set a good example of why we need to visit members and in Elders quorum the six of us attending devised a plan to reach out to more members. It really built my testimony of the importance of home and visiting teaching. Please don't put it aside. There are so many members out their who need us. 

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 30, 2017

New people every day

This week has been really good. We are working hard. Lots of lessons falling through but it is giving us more time to find new people. We haven't had any issues yet with being spies since the last incident so thats really good. 

This Sunday was district conference so all of the branches met here in the East Canje Branch. It was really good. On Wednesday we have zone conference and Elder Alonzo of the area 70 is coming for it. 
Elder Buxton and I have to present a 10 minute lesson on how the Book of Mormon brings us closer to God and How you should us the Book of Mormon so thats pretty exciting. The only time we really speak in church is when we are new to the branch or leaving. They always try to have members give talks but we are kinda the back up if they don't show up. We teach all three classes. Investigators usually really like the gospel principles class because they love learning new things. Elder Buxton is a really hard worker. He always looks for the best in people. He is a really good missionary. We are working really well together. 

We finally got Brother Datt's birth certificate and so him and Kim are going to get married on the 18th of November and baptized on the 25th. We are really excited for that! Things are going well in Canje.

The Halloween party at home looks fun. The fires sound pretty crazy though. People are always burning garbage and grass clippings and different things here so you pass through lots of smoke sometimes. 

I meet a lot of new people everyday. From Muslims to Hindu's to Christians. All sorts of different cultures and races and backgrounds so its pretty interesting. We met a guy named Abu the other day. He wanted us to make sure that we understood that Jesus was just a prophet and not the son of God. He gave us a qaran and told us to read it. He was pretty interesting. 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, October 23, 2017

Slammed on the breaks

Hey everything is great this week! Its great to hear from all of you! 
So with the master card the crack is right next to the chip but I will try to keep it in working condition as long as I can. 

Sadly Elder Nance left to Trinidad on Sunday night and so I was going back and forth between New Amsterdam and Canje with Elder Killian until Thursday when our companions got here from Aruba. Elder Buxton is my companion. He is really cool. He is from Washington DC but his parents are from Ghana. 

So far the work is going well. Our lessons with Bryan are going really well. He is understanding everything but church is still a struggle with him. We met a guy named Derek Mohammed last night. We were on our way to a back up appointment when we passed him and he simply waved to us. I quickly slammed on the brakes and turned around. He is really cool. He showed us all of his puppies he is raising and was eager to set up a time so we could meet his wife and 3 kids. He said he has met missionaries before and knows a little about the message. He seems really cool. 

Elder Buxton and I are working really well together. I am really excited for this transfer! I will have to bring my study journal next week.

My new companion and a road kill alligator!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 16, 2017

White American Spies

Life here is pretty good. This is a little crazy with transfers. I'm staying but my companion is leaving. I am happy to hear FACES  is going so well for you mom. Enjoy your fancy equipment!

So this week has been a little crazy. We have been trying to find people going to Georgetown to see if they could go to the registration offices to pick up a birth Certificate for brother Dott so that him and Kim can sign papers and get married legally. Then we can baptize them. Finally we found someone who could go down with the pick up slip but didn't have time to go to the office so he drove down and dropped off the pick up slip to the senior couple there in Georgetown. They weren't able to get to the office in time and had to wait for it to open today. They got their today and they told them they mailed it up to here. Oh well. We should get it in who knows how long but we will get it. We just have to get it before Brother Dott goes back to the interior again. So that's that. 

Then while contacting no one was answering there doors. You could obviously tell people were home because there doors were open. If their door is open that means someone is definitely home. A couple houses down we get to a lady's house and we start talking. Nothing out of the ordinary. She then gets a phone call and goes into the house to answer it. She comes back out and says she has to go and that here baby was crying which it was obviously not. We go further and we are just thinking whats going on. We get to a guys house named Ray. He tells us how he just got a phone call from one of his neighbors saying there are two white american spies in the area taking pictures and to not answer the door however he recognized us as missionaries because he has done some work for the church before. He told us to be careful though. It was interesting. 

Sorry for no pictures lately. The computers haven't been reading my SD card the last couple of weeks. I'll try to get a new one. Also transfer calls was this week. Elder Nance is being transferred to Trinidad and my new companion is Elder Buxton. I'm just waiting for him to fly in from Aruba so in the mean time I will be working with Elder Killian in New Amsterdam and Canje until we get our new companions

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Day


This week was pretty good! I forgot it was Thanksgiving today but all of the missionaries went to the church today and had a barbecue and played games. So that's my thanksgiving. 

Back to Bryan. We extended him a baptism date for November 4th. He accepted. he says he really likes us because we explain everything so simply he can understand. We have taught him up to life after death. We went to invite him to church Sunday morning and he said he just got called for work but he made his wife go. 

Oh and on Saturday we had a baptism. We have been teaching Elisa for the last 6 weeks. She is 9 and her mom's side of the family are active members. We had to teach her all of the lessons because she is 9, so it counts as a convert baptism. Then at church there is this little boy who bikes here every week. His name is Prakesh and everyone just assumed he was a member. His sister was taught a few years ago but went less active. He kept coming. The Branch President, President Baburam was talking to him and found out he hasn't been baptized and he is 10 years old! We went and taught him and his sister after church. His parents are really kind but not too interested in going to church. They are really happy to see us coming by and visiting their kids though! 

Thank you for the Birthday present! For Christmas I need some new shoe inserts. I think they are size 9. Also dinosaurs. Also my credit card has a big crack on it. It still works for now but if it gets worse I might need a new one. If you send anything to me send it to 243 Cedar Court Lamaha Gardens Georgetown Guyana. That should be the quickest and safest. Thats the Guyana mission office. Save it a trip to Trinidad. 

Its great to see all the snow and hear about the cobra games. 

A really popular scripture here to help me remember the mission is John 3:16-17. Everyone here regardless of religion has that scripture memorized. At least verse 16 anyways. 

Oh and yes I got Tyler's deer pictures! Pretty nice!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Restoration


This week has been good. I was able to watch most of conference. General conference was great! I enjoyed all of the messages shared with us. We missed parts in every session because it was a little choppy but not too much.  I'm glad you enjoyed conference.

We started teaching a guy named Bryan. He is a young father. He used to be Muslim growing up but at school he learned about Christianity and he figured that Jesus being the son of God made more sense because that would mean he was closer to God then if he was just a prophet so he changed his beliefs. He used to go to a christian church but he stopped going because him and his wife felt uncomfortable. They didn't understand what the Pastor was teaching. We are teaching him about the apostasy, he was convinced we were in one right now. He said "We need a new dispensation now!" We explained the rest of the restoration and left with him the Book of Mormon to read in the next couple of visits. He told us he feels really good when we come by and when he reads the pamphlet. We explained to him that's the Holy Ghost. He also asked us to pray that he would get work and the next day he was able to find some work to provide for his family. Now lets hope he starts reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church! 

You asked why we call Br. Prince brother. We call him Brother Prince because we are supposed to call everyone brother and sister. Some people we don't always do that but its in the missionary handbook and preach my gospel. Tell grandpa Fisher to wait on sending his  hearing aids to help Br. Prince. We will wait on that. Thanks grandpa.

The language is going really well. I have been trying to figure out if its just me understanding them better or if they are getting better at talking. I can understand the accent a lot better now. Whappen boi. Ya skinnen ya teet bad. Translation: "What happened? Your smiling a lot." 

Here are some pictures. I took a selfie because I feel like its been a while since you have seen me.

 Thanks for the picture of Baxter. Baxter is pretty special. 


Monday, September 25, 2017

The neighbour


This week was alright. We are doing well. We wen't to teach a new investigator named Bryan the other day. We called into his house and his neighbor said he wasn't home so we decided to talk to the neighbor. Her name was Brenda and found that she is Brother Prince's sister. She told us how the missionaries use to teach her but when they moved the new ones never came by and she was offended by that. We had a little talk with her and set up a time to teach her. we'll see how that goes. 

Time to tell you about Canje. Canje is pretty similar to my other areas. However what is different is its made up of a whole bunch of little villages all bunched up together. Its a fairly large area we cover and lots of back and forth biking. Vreed en Hoop the villages were more separated and in Diamond it was a little more congested. All and all the houses are pretty much the same. Same with the smells unless your riding past the estate (sugar factory). It has a little bit of a funny smell. Lots of sugar cane fields here. The food here is the same but we don't get fed very much here. When we do they usually just go and buy us Chinese food which is pretty good. 

 Members here are good. Its hard to get members out sometimes to help with missionary work but every now and then we get some members out. We plan on trying to work harder with the members. 

Now for my companion Elder Nance, he is good. He is a hard worker. He is from California by San Francisco. He is always looking for things to do. We are keeping busy. 

Talk to you next week.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting hot

Hey everything is going well. Its been really hot here. life is good though. 

Bad news. The Jehovah Witnesses have been teaching Brother Prince sign language so he has decided to quite his investigation with us and go with them instead. 

We have been doing lots more finding. Looking around the church. We have found some former investigators from years back and some new people. Met a guy named Lyndon. He used to work for Caribbean cruises and has been all over the world. We are teaching him this week. Lots of our lessons fell through this week so it just gives us more time to find new people.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

That's my week

Hey everything is going great so far. We are visiting lots of people. Marzina turned on us and went on a big rant on how she can't be baptized because she was already baptized. That was really frustrating because we were able to see the spirit work on her so much and she just turned on it. oh well. We are still working with Jacky and Jada towards baptism but they aren't getting any support from their family. Trying to help them with that. But on a more positive note we are working with a investigator named Kim. The missionaries worked with her and her husband before and they were going to be baptized but they weren't legally married to her husband and he left to work in the interior before I got here. Then Kim left to the Essiqubo and was gone for a while but is back now. Her husband is supposed to be coming out in October and they plan on getting married then and being baptized on the 14th! anyways that's my week. 

Elder Fisher  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Spirit of God


Don't worry about hurricanes here. Some how Guyana doesn't seem to get hit by any natural disasters. Just rains and floods that's all. 

It sounds like your pretty busy back home. We have been too. We are trying to see as many people as possible. Ravindra was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. We were happy to see him. His Grandma didn't try to take him away this week. We are working really hard with this one lady named Marzina. She is the funniest lady ever. She is great. We have been working hard on trying to get her to understand Priesthood authority. After explaining the restoration on the priesthood again this week she told us she could feel the power and spirit of God was with us and agreed to be baptized on October 14. My only worry for her is transitioning from her current church to the Church of Jesus Christ. The Lord will work miracles in her. 

Anyways that's all I got

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, August 28, 2017

Team N/A Safety

Hey everything went really well this week. We had Ravengra and sister Shirley's baptism on Saturday. That went really well. I'll send you the pictures. Ravengra never showed up to Church to receive the Holy Ghost. We are going to talk to him. 
We are working really hard. We are looking for lots of new people around the church. We are finding a lot of less actives. Most aren't too interested in coming back to church. 
We are having really good progression with Jacky and Jada. We have issued them a baptism date. Don't have too much more to report on. 

Here we have a picture of the baptism, the church and Team N/A Safety at the Sports day event. 

Another picture of the church and a picture of the cool clouds that were coming in

love you all!

Elder Fisher 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Black Water Creek

hey this week was great. lots of biking trying to get to everyone. we gave Leon a baptism date for September 30th. Sister Shirley and Ravengra came to church all on their own on Sunday. Ravengra is 9 and that's pretty impressive for him. He is really funny. 

We had Zone conference here at the Canje chapel and president Egbert came and taught Ravengra. Those two got along really well. Ravengra and sister Shirley are being baptized on Sunday. We are keeping busy and constantly looking. This week we had a lesson fall through and so we stopped for a minute to decide what to do. A guy came walking by so I stopped him and started talking to him. He said he was coming back from the New Amsterdam Clinic and that he was some hearing doctor. I told him we are teaching a man who can't hear and can't afford hearing aids and asked him what he suggests. He said send him into the clinic and they will do some test to find out what kind of hearing aids he needs and if he can't afford them they can put him on a waiting list for the Starky foundation. Once a year this foundation comes to Guyana and donates hearing aids to everyone on the list for free but he said they already came for this year so it may be a little wait. We told Brother Prince that and he said he has already gotten his ears checked in Georgetown and they didn't offer him anything so he has kinda just accepted the fact that he can't hear. He said he would be willing to give this a try. The doctor wasn't too interested in hearing our message though. He said that he was in a rush. haha but that was my week.

Here's a picture of I think its the Canje river just under the bridge to New Amsterdam and a picture of black water creek and a dead anaconda on the side of the road just outside of our apartment 

Another picture of Black water creek and a picture of a street in the Fort Ordinance scheme East Canje

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting people to church


Everything is really good here. We are struggling with getting people to church. I hope we don't have to push back too many baptisms because of that. All and all life is good. We have been doing lots of biking. It gets really tiring. 

We are working with a guy named Brother Prince. His baptism is set for September 9. He's been coming to church except for this Sunday because of work. Brother Prince can't hear and needs hearing aids and so we are trying to help him with that. We asked some of the Senior couples here about that and they said that we don't have the budget to buy him some but told us to look into some other organizations and see if they can help. Do you have any ideas? Right now we have to wright everything down for him. Luckily he can read and talk but its very slow teaching him. All and all things are good and we are working with more new people. Some of the which are Jacky and Jada. We met them on the way to a teaching appointment. They are really cool. Jada lives with her Grandparents Jacky and Tarens. Her real parents aren't really there. Jacky is really good at making Jada study and explains everything we teach. They even came to church on Sunday. We also met a guy named Leon. He is a Prosecutor at court and he was telling us all about some of the crazy and messed up cases he has to deal with.He used to study the bible online. He is picking up everything really fast so far but we are still really early in the teaching process. Anyways that's my week. 

Enjoy the dry heat and A/C! 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, August 7, 2017

Big green building

Hey everyone everything is good. 

Our Branch is a big green church building. I think the village is called Cumberland East Canje. All of the villages here are very close to each other so when you go over the bridge from New Amsterdam you are in Sheet Anchor. If you turn at the Canje corner you go into Cumberland and then Canefield and so forth. If you go strait you go into Village #2 and then Palmyra. 

We are working with some people. One of which is Shirley. Shirley's son doesn't like it when we come over so we take her to a less active ladies house close by. Her baptism is shceduled on the 26th. Its really cool because Sister Liela hasn't gone to church in a long time so she is really excited to be fellowshipping Shirley and coming back to church. We are also working with a young boy named Ravendra. His step Dad is a less active member but doesn't meet with us. His parents are supportive of us though. Ravengra is 9 years old and is planning on being baptized on the 26th. Then we have Sister Jooney. She is a very funny lady. She has been investigating the church for a long time but she has a hard time coming to church because her mom breaks into her house when she leaves and gives away all of her stuff. She will pick locks and crawl through windows to get in. We are trying to push her for baptism on the 26th as well. We are just trying to get her to consistently come to church first. Those are our main ones for now. 

The branch president is really good. We are trying to work with them. The district president is from our branch. We are doing lots of work with the less actives. So many less active people in Guyana. Everywhere you go. 

Here is a picture of Macy and Shareefa at their baptism in my last area.

Love you all 

love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 31, 2017

Kiatuer Falls

Hey I'm doing really good here in Canje. i spent the first part of the week in the other Diamond area helped them learn our area a little and got to see some of theirs. It was really good serving around elder Johnson for  days. They moved me out Thursday and now I'm here in Canje with Elder Nance. He is from California but has lived in Florida, Alabama and Utah before living there. 

We are doing really well and have been doing a lot of biking. We live in Burn Bush Dam just down the road from the Church in East Canje. I am adjusting to the new area pretty quick. Anyways its a pretty cool place.  Something really cool is a Sister just got back from the Canada Toronto mission from here. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the baptisms on Saturday but hopefully I'll get some pictures sent to me so I can send them to you. 

Here is a picture with me and Rasta-man. Rasta-man is the man who fixed our bikes when they broke down. we tried teaching him but he just told us how he was a Rasta Muslim and invited us to the Maj id.

I also added one of me and the Whaul Family. I am standing next too Macy who was baptized Saturday.

This last picture is with me and Kimmbly and Sheena Savory. They came to the last Zone Conference and gave me a picture of Kiatuer falls that Sister Savory painted for me. 

I love you all so much!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 24, 2017


This week was really good. We had two baptismal interviews this week for Macy and Shareefa. They both are being baptized next Saturday the 29th
Last Saturday we had transfer calls. Moore missionaries are leaving for home than are coming in to the mission so the Diamond North and South areas are taking over our area. Elder Bigler is being transferred to Diamond South and I'm being transferred too Canji! At least I think that's how its spelled. Its way on the other side of the country in the Berbice Provence. My companion will be Elder Nance. I leave for there on Thursday but will be with the Diamond North Elders until then. Probably help them learn the area a little while I am still here to help them. 
Something really cool. While in Vreed En Hoop i was teaching a lady and her daughter. They moved here to Diamond and we lost contact of them. The other week while on an exchange we drove past them and I told the Elder to stop. We are now reteaching them. If I wasn't here for this little time the missionaries would have never found them but now they are able to teach them again. I'm a little sad to be leaving so soon but I am looking forward to serving in Canji!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 17, 2017

Michael Jackson dance off

Hey its so good to her from everyone again. 

My week went really well. No real complaints. We have been teaching and visiting lots of people lately. We have been teaching a girl named Macy. She is living with her aunt's family who are all members. We have been preparing her for baptism but progress seemed a little slow. She was having a hard time going to church because she kept having work and they would always tease her for quitting drinking coffee.  Then a couple of weeks ago she got fired from her job and she has been coming to church and hasn't been struggling with coffee since! She really has been building her testimony in the last few weeks and its  great to see the positive results of living the lord's commandments. Her baptism is set for the 29th. 
Everything has been going well here in Diamond and I really have nothing to complain about. still lots of rain and lots of happiness. 
There is so many good people here of all backgrounds. We got challenged by a black guy to a dance off to Beat it by Michael Jackson. He had some pretty good moves but we didn't challenge him back. He just yelled hey white guys as we rode by and started dancing as we rode by so we gave him a big thumbs up and kept riding. The church here really helps bring everyone closer and  it really wonderful to see. Its a good place here.

Picture of the rain and us on a horse and buggy thing

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 10, 2017

Rain every day

 Wow I'm an Uncle! That's awesome! 

Sounds like home is hot and crazy! Good to hear everyone is doing so well. This week was pretty good for me. Today is the first day of July we haven't had pouring rain! its great! We have been absorbing the sun lots too. Especially today! Nice and hot!

This week was good. We visited lots of people and had some really good lessons. Not a lot of really cool stories but we are working with a few people. We have had to move all of our baptismal dates back because no one is progressing fast enough. we have been looking for plenty people to teach. Its been going alright. 
Can't complain too much! Rain rain rain. Ever since I have gotten here its rains everyday. It will rain really hard for a couple hours and then as fast as it comes in it goes. You really can't tell when its going to rain or stop because it comes and goes so quick. Life is good!

Had to celebrate USA's birthday with some brownies and candles. Elder Bigler and I and Elder Hill and I.

love Elder Fisher

Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey this week was good!

I saw some big iguanas in our yard to day.  That was pretty cool.

We have been biking lots and trying to dodge the rain. I think I am getting the hands of everything her in Diamond. Life is good. I don't really have anything to complain about. Nothing really big has happened lately. We have been doing some searching and looking for some new people to teach. Nothing really out of the ordinary. 

Hey hows that for Bananas. I hope I make great grandpa Fisher proud. These bananas are a little smaller though than the ones in his picture while he was on his mission in Tonga. . I saw them and took the opportunity. Also took a Canada Day mirror selfie.  

Love you all so much

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey  this week has been good. The address for our house says we live in Great Diamond and we work in the scheme mostly. Our area goes a little into Golden Grove too. 
This week has been great and I feel like I am getting the area down. 
There are a lot more Christians in this area but still lots of Hindus and Muslims. Lots more Rastafarian people too. We contacted one named Jones and are going back to teach him on Tuesday but I'll be on an exchange that day in Potentia. His dreadlocks were way past his butt and he said he hasn't cut his hair in 30 years! 
Its pretty cool here and I am really enjoying being Elder Bigler's companion. 
I really enjoyed hearing everyone's little messages! 
I bet Kiana will go to the Dominican Republic. Thanks for all of the support!
Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 19, 2017

Diamond Central

Everything is great! Diamond Central is great. Everyday is busy for us. Lots of fun though. Home sounds crazy as always. Life is good and i am very happy. Happy to hear how everyone is doing
Elder Bigler is awesome and I feel like I am really going to enjoy it here. 

Your question about the Demerara River. Well its defiantly not dried up. The water is gold. There is like no blue water in Guyana. Remember the pictures I sent on the boat. That was me crossing the river. 

The Savory family is the best family. They are so cool and take very good care of the missionaries. That is where we Skyped at. 

Diamond Central is just what the mission calls the area. The area is mostly the Diamond scheme (the name of where we are at) and parts of Grove. Its a much smaller area but more dense. It also rains a lot here. Everything has been really sweet.

Elder Bigler in his hammock

 This is what happens when  Elder Fisher accidentally locks the keys in the new house. Luckily they were on the shelf but we still had to get creative and go fishing.
Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Vreed en Hoop


Well big news! Transfers is this week and I'm...... Leaving Vreed - En - Hoop and moving to Diamond Central with Elder Biglor. I leave tomorrow at around 12. It will be pretty good.     
(Note from Dad....Since this email came in I have been looking for Diamond Central with no help from Google. I did go onto the "Trinidad, Port of Spain" Facebook page and asked if anyone could tell me where Elder Fisher was headed "Diamond Central." I got flooded with responses. He is in Vreed en hoop which is on the north side of the Demerara river, across from Georgetown. Diamond area is an area on the south side of the river and it is split into 3 areas. Georgetown is in the most north area, then heading south its Glen Park area and then Diamond. So he is about 45 minutes away from his old area just on the opposite side of the river. Then i got a message from the     Ali-Savory family from Vreed en hoop and they said "Elder Fisher is an awesome missionary, my family loves him dearly. He is all good" Also I got a message from Elder Bigler's mom stating that "Diamond is just outside of Georgetown. He will be serving with my son." I found out that his new companion is from Salem Utah and has been serving since December. He also had to serve 6 weeks states side while waiting for his visa to come. 
There were others but it was pretty cool instantly connecting with all these people that had connections with Elder Fisher)

(Back to Elder Fisher's letter) Sultan's baptism was on Saturday. It went really well. He is such a cool guy. He still hasn't missed church since his incident. It also turns out Dianna is related to Brother Savory! He is the the guy I sent a picture of a few weeks ago who left to work in the interior. She seems very prepared and Sultan is making a great fellow-shipper. 
It is very hot here and yes it rains a lot. We do get lightning but its just a flash in the clouds and there is no thunder ever. Its kinda strange. 
All and all things have been really good. I'm going to miss Vreed - En - Hoop.

A picture of us with Sultan And Brother Peter who baptized him as well as Brother Jumen, then just us and Sultan and then the beautiful greenish brown water that comes out of the baptismal font. it was a really good baptism!

Finally found a live centipede. That thing is nasty!  It's HUGE! and moved fast.

Big group pics with the three missionaries leaving the branch.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 5, 2017

New Investigator

Hey! I'm so glad to hear Rob and Dawn got sealed! That's so awesome! 
So Sultan! His baptism is scheduled for Saturday and we are getting him all ready. We ran in to some problems yesterday however. We went over to his house last night and there was a girl there. He introduces us to her. They told us that her name is Dianna and she got fired from her job the other day. Oh and her house was owned by her boss so she got kicked out had no where to go. Sultan's son worked with her and asked Sultan is she could please live with him until she finds a place to stay. Sultan said yes out of the goodness of his heart so he agrees. Unfortunately even though nothing is going on he cant get baptized if he's living with a girl as there is a chance they could break the law of chastity. Sultan was pretty shocked when we told him that. Dianna was very kind and understanding and was willing to try to find somewhere else. Sultan thought for a second and said. "What if I separate this side of my house. There is only one door to it from the inside and one to the outside. What if I seal of that door and build some shelves and things so she can live here. I'll stay up all night doing it if i have too." We weren't too sure and so we gave President Egbert a phone call to see what he thinks. He said that would be fine as long as he understands the law of chastity and she moves out in the near future. Little bit of a scare there. Sultan is such a boss (cool guy). And he is the kindest person I have ever met. Life is good. And we got another investigator out of this whole situation. Dianna is very kind and moved here from Venezuala in 2009. 

Anyways I love you all so much!

Picture of some goats and a Majid in the background and then the street we where on.

Love Elder Fisher 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long term goal for Guyana

Well it sounds like it was a very busy week for all of you. This week has been kinda busy for me too. Just lots of teaching and finding. Lots of traveling too! 
We had to go to Georgetown for our interviews with President Egbert on Saturday and yesterday we had to go to the East Coast Chapel for Zone Conference. It has been a very good week. 
Nothing really big happened. just same old same old. We learned all about temples for zone conference and we're pretty lucky to have one so close to home. It truly is the house of the Lord. The long term goal for Guyana is to get a stake and eventually a temple. Go to the temple often. 
Well its very easy here to make the first contact. Just about everyone will tell you their name and phone number and will allow you to come back you just need to use hints and most importantly the spirit to know who to return to and visit. Its when you start teaching them that things start to get difficult. People here love talking but have a hard time changing. Teaching the Priesthood is one of the hardest things for investigators to understand. One of the most effective ways for us to teach the priesthood is comparing it to keys to a house or a gate. You have to use lots of visuals and comparisons. Then they start to slowly understand. 
Branch council... Its interesting here. Its gotten better but its really hard to get member help here.
Love Elder Fisher