Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, August 28, 2017

Team N/A Safety

Hey everything went really well this week. We had Ravengra and sister Shirley's baptism on Saturday. That went really well. I'll send you the pictures. Ravengra never showed up to Church to receive the Holy Ghost. We are going to talk to him. 
We are working really hard. We are looking for lots of new people around the church. We are finding a lot of less actives. Most aren't too interested in coming back to church. 
We are having really good progression with Jacky and Jada. We have issued them a baptism date. Don't have too much more to report on. 

Here we have a picture of the baptism, the church and Team N/A Safety at the Sports day event. 

Another picture of the church and a picture of the cool clouds that were coming in

love you all!

Elder Fisher 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Black Water Creek

hey this week was great. lots of biking trying to get to everyone. we gave Leon a baptism date for September 30th. Sister Shirley and Ravengra came to church all on their own on Sunday. Ravengra is 9 and that's pretty impressive for him. He is really funny. 

We had Zone conference here at the Canje chapel and president Egbert came and taught Ravengra. Those two got along really well. Ravengra and sister Shirley are being baptized on Sunday. We are keeping busy and constantly looking. This week we had a lesson fall through and so we stopped for a minute to decide what to do. A guy came walking by so I stopped him and started talking to him. He said he was coming back from the New Amsterdam Clinic and that he was some hearing doctor. I told him we are teaching a man who can't hear and can't afford hearing aids and asked him what he suggests. He said send him into the clinic and they will do some test to find out what kind of hearing aids he needs and if he can't afford them they can put him on a waiting list for the Starky foundation. Once a year this foundation comes to Guyana and donates hearing aids to everyone on the list for free but he said they already came for this year so it may be a little wait. We told Brother Prince that and he said he has already gotten his ears checked in Georgetown and they didn't offer him anything so he has kinda just accepted the fact that he can't hear. He said he would be willing to give this a try. The doctor wasn't too interested in hearing our message though. He said that he was in a rush. haha but that was my week.

Here's a picture of I think its the Canje river just under the bridge to New Amsterdam and a picture of black water creek and a dead anaconda on the side of the road just outside of our apartment 

Another picture of Black water creek and a picture of a street in the Fort Ordinance scheme East Canje

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting people to church


Everything is really good here. We are struggling with getting people to church. I hope we don't have to push back too many baptisms because of that. All and all life is good. We have been doing lots of biking. It gets really tiring. 

We are working with a guy named Brother Prince. His baptism is set for September 9. He's been coming to church except for this Sunday because of work. Brother Prince can't hear and needs hearing aids and so we are trying to help him with that. We asked some of the Senior couples here about that and they said that we don't have the budget to buy him some but told us to look into some other organizations and see if they can help. Do you have any ideas? Right now we have to wright everything down for him. Luckily he can read and talk but its very slow teaching him. All and all things are good and we are working with more new people. Some of the which are Jacky and Jada. We met them on the way to a teaching appointment. They are really cool. Jada lives with her Grandparents Jacky and Tarens. Her real parents aren't really there. Jacky is really good at making Jada study and explains everything we teach. They even came to church on Sunday. We also met a guy named Leon. He is a Prosecutor at court and he was telling us all about some of the crazy and messed up cases he has to deal with.He used to study the bible online. He is picking up everything really fast so far but we are still really early in the teaching process. Anyways that's my week. 

Enjoy the dry heat and A/C! 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, August 7, 2017

Big green building

Hey everyone everything is good. 

Our Branch is a big green church building. I think the village is called Cumberland East Canje. All of the villages here are very close to each other so when you go over the bridge from New Amsterdam you are in Sheet Anchor. If you turn at the Canje corner you go into Cumberland and then Canefield and so forth. If you go strait you go into Village #2 and then Palmyra. 

We are working with some people. One of which is Shirley. Shirley's son doesn't like it when we come over so we take her to a less active ladies house close by. Her baptism is shceduled on the 26th. Its really cool because Sister Liela hasn't gone to church in a long time so she is really excited to be fellowshipping Shirley and coming back to church. We are also working with a young boy named Ravendra. His step Dad is a less active member but doesn't meet with us. His parents are supportive of us though. Ravengra is 9 years old and is planning on being baptized on the 26th. Then we have Sister Jooney. She is a very funny lady. She has been investigating the church for a long time but she has a hard time coming to church because her mom breaks into her house when she leaves and gives away all of her stuff. She will pick locks and crawl through windows to get in. We are trying to push her for baptism on the 26th as well. We are just trying to get her to consistently come to church first. Those are our main ones for now. 

The branch president is really good. We are trying to work with them. The district president is from our branch. We are doing lots of work with the less actives. So many less active people in Guyana. Everywhere you go. 

Here is a picture of Macy and Shareefa at their baptism in my last area.

Love you all 

love Elder Fisher