Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, March 27, 2017

Open House

Wow well lots is going on at home! 

This week was a really good week for us. On Monday we visited an investigator and it was her mom's birthday so we had the opportunity to share a message with their friends and family and was able to set return appointment to see them. We returned on Thursday to teach them and then invited them to an open house we were having at the church on Sunday. They were the first ones to show up. While giving them the tour the spirit was very strong and they even commented on how they could feel the spirit. After the tour we showed the restoration film and they said they were going to come to church here. Unfortunately they didn't make it to church yesterday but we are going to visit them on Wednesday and invite them again. 

Also it seems like everyone we visited fed us and so we have eaten lots and lots of food this week. 

Oh and just for the update all my pictures for some reason disappeared but after scanning the card the computer was able to find all of them but they are all in a form I can't view them so i will try to fix the problem

Well we went back to the alligator man this week and he let us hold a live alligator. it was scary especially when it started to jerk in my hands but before he handed it to me he said don't let go of the head otherwise it will bite you and it will do lots of damage.I held on very tight.  

Love Elder Fisher

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