Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, January 30, 2017

Martin Luther King

Hey Everyone. Everything has been really good lately. We are teaching a new family who isn't very religious. (Strange in Guyana because most people are Hindu, Muslim, or Christian). They are really friendly and are showing really good understanding. I have a lot of high hopes for all of our investigators but the main thing that is holding them back is coming to Church. On Sunday President Egbert came to church because they combined the La Grange and Vreed En Hoop branch and since its a district down here not a stake here President Egbert is like the Stake President. Our new president of the branch is now President Martin Luther King. Interesting name. All and all things are really good here in Guyana!

Love, Elder Fisher!

Here is a picture of me and a bunch of Elder's all muddy after playing football. The fields here are all very wet and so there is a lot of slipping and sliding. Its really fun and we get very muddy. 

The second picture is a little monkey chained to a old broke down van outside of someones house. (The monkey is sitting on a seat inside the van)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Guyana Zoo

Hey everyone. Its really good to hear from you. If you want lots of curry and Indian food Guyana is the place! 
This week with lesson wise it has been a little struggle. So many of our lessons have been cancelled on us and its been very frustrating. The good news is that we did pick up some new investigators. One of them has been inviting her friends and family. They seem pretty solid right now. 
We went to the Guyana Zoo today. It was pretty cool. Anyways I think that is all I got. 

Elder Fisher

Me next to a huge alligator at the zoo, 

one of those centipedes smooched on the road. Its the only one I've seen and I hope I don't see any alive, or bigger for that fact.  

A little shack of a house. Don't worry not all of the houses here look like that in fact most don't and there are some very nice houses here. This one is next to the forest so it looked cooler
Here's a picture of a long road that we get to walk down every now and then

Monday, January 16, 2017

200 Pages

Hey its really good to hear from you! 
Just to answer your question about the Christmas packages....I only got one package from you. I haven't gotten any from the Grandma and Grandpa's yet.......or anyone else that may have sent one. 
This week had its successes and downfalls. We had some really good lessons and lots of people cancel on us. We are teaching a young Hindu girl named Esha and after we taught her she prayed about our message and said she was overwhelmed by the spirit. We then left her with a Book of Mormon and she had read over 200 pages by the next time we came by. She said she was having a hard time understanding it but liked it. Then for the struggle. She told us her mom doesn't want her to come to church and probably can't see us too much anymore because she will be too busy with school but after we talked to her about it we decided we would come by on the weekends to teach her still. 
We are also teaching our neighbor Brother MacFarlyn. He is a police officer and a karate instructor and is searching for truth. He said he could really relate to Joseph Smith and committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to find truth. We are excited to hear from him again. 
Anyways I hope you keep enjoying the cold there. The rainy season here is coming to an end and its starting to get really hot again like when I first got here.

Lots of love 

Elder Fisher 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Spiritual Experiences

Hey sorry for not emailing yesterday. We had a an all day zone conference with all of Guyana. It was really good. 

I decided I need to tell you more about my spiritual experiences. We are teaching an investigator named Brother Harry. He was born Hindu but loves and believes the bible. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he believed it but was having a hard time finding time to read it and also doesn't understand why people need to be baptized. We  were getting frustrated but our last visit with him he said he read the first 2 chapters of 1 Nephi and that he felt like Jesus Christ was in the room while he was reading it. He also listened a lot better the whole lesson too.  

I haven't heard any word about my criminal record check so I don't know what that's about. They still are having trouble with Trinidad's immigration and can't get anyone in. 

Elder Peterson is from around Los Angles area and now we bike a lot more now that the area is split and smaller. My understanding has gotten a lot better but I still struggle with some people and struggle a lot more when talking on the phone. Other then that everything is really good. 

Elder Fisher

Oh and I got the package at zone conference! If you ever want to send something to me while I'm in Guyana the address is 243 Cedar Court Lamaha Gardens, Lamaha Guyana

Most of the MTC district reunited and a picture from a boat we took crossing the Demerara river

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Companion

Hey Dad and everyone else! 

Everything is going really well. Last Wednesday Elder Peterson became my new companion. I really like my new companion. He is a goof, really fun and makes the work really easy. We have been doing a lot of finding so we can increase our teaching pool. I've also been helping introduce him to the area. All and all its been really fun. 

I think I am really getting use to the heat here because our thermometer will say its 28 degrees in the house and it will feel like room temperature. I still really love air conditioning a lot. 
Anyways love you guys a lot.

Elder Fisher

Elder Peterson trying to Knock down coconuts from a tree with a wood pole and me wearing goofy glasses Elder Peterson found well he wears mine