Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, November 13, 2017

With tears in his eyes

We have been working really hard trying to visit and catch up to everyone. The amount of work to do here is unreal. There is always so much to do. So many people to see and not enough time to see them. We are doing our best though. 

This week was really good. We have been teaching this guy named Aubrey. He served 9 years in the Guyana special forces. He likes to tell us stories about how he jumped out of air planes and did survival courses in the jungle living off of Jaguar and anaconda meat. He lives right across from the church. He works 6 days a week from 5am to 7pm doing security work. Sunday is his day to take care of the house and look after his sick wife. His wife Bibi has been very sick. She used to sit in on the lessons but the past few weeks she hasn't felt too well and has been in bed when we come and visit. We went to visit him Monday night and we saw there were people over at his house. He came out and he told us that Bibi had passed away that afternoon. He told us to come back Friday night. On Friday we went back to teach him and had a very spiritual lesson. We have been teaching him about the plan of Salvation the last few lessons. We were on our life on earth when we visited him. We talked about life and repentance and how everyone has to die. He told us how he had found a church that he is going to go to. We asked him what church is that and he said "Burn bush" Burn bush is the street our church is on. We had a good little laugh. After we were able to give him a blessing of comfort. After the blessing the smile on his face with tears in his eyes was priceless. Unfortunately he didn't make it to church yesterday and when we went to visit him he said it wasn't a good time and to come back the next day. 

We also got to dig a big hole in the mud for a septic tank this week!

Love ya all 
Elder Fisher

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Importance of Home teaching

I miss the cold every now and then. Its just so hot here all the time but its great! Glad to hear Halloween went so well. They don't have Halloween here so there was nothing too special going on. 

Hey this week was pretty good. We had zone conference with Elder Alonso of the seventy. He is pretty cool. He is the one who spoke in general conference about service with love. It was really good. We learned how to better use the Book of Mormon in our teachings. Mine and Elder Buxton's lesson went pretty well. Working this week was a little limited since we had to go up to Georgetown for that. Then Elder Buxton got really sick on Friday from some food he ate and we couldn't go out. 

Saturday we had international day of service. We planted palm trees around the Church yard. We were able to receive a lot of help from a returning member named Hilton. Hilton was born with a spine condition and is unable to walk. He was born into a Muslim home growing up but his family soon turned Christian. His mom is a very devout 7th Day Adventist and so ever since he joined the church two years ago he has lost much of her support and he needs her to survive. He attended church for a while after his baptism but he never was visited by any members or even anyone of the Branch Presidency. He said he would ask the branch President if he would visit him or send him home teachers or anything and the Branch President said he would and it just stayed at that. Soon Hilton found himself falling into his old habits and not going to church. Just recently he realized how what he  is doing isn't right. He has moved over to our branch's area with his mom in the time of his inactivity and is fully committed to living the Gospel. At church he has set a good example of why we need to visit members and in Elders quorum the six of us attending devised a plan to reach out to more members. It really built my testimony of the importance of home and visiting teaching. Please don't put it aside. There are so many members out their who need us. 

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 30, 2017

New people every day

This week has been really good. We are working hard. Lots of lessons falling through but it is giving us more time to find new people. We haven't had any issues yet with being spies since the last incident so thats really good. 

This Sunday was district conference so all of the branches met here in the East Canje Branch. It was really good. On Wednesday we have zone conference and Elder Alonzo of the area 70 is coming for it. 
Elder Buxton and I have to present a 10 minute lesson on how the Book of Mormon brings us closer to God and How you should us the Book of Mormon so thats pretty exciting. The only time we really speak in church is when we are new to the branch or leaving. They always try to have members give talks but we are kinda the back up if they don't show up. We teach all three classes. Investigators usually really like the gospel principles class because they love learning new things. Elder Buxton is a really hard worker. He always looks for the best in people. He is a really good missionary. We are working really well together. 

We finally got Brother Datt's birth certificate and so him and Kim are going to get married on the 18th of November and baptized on the 25th. We are really excited for that! Things are going well in Canje.

The Halloween party at home looks fun. The fires sound pretty crazy though. People are always burning garbage and grass clippings and different things here so you pass through lots of smoke sometimes. 

I meet a lot of new people everyday. From Muslims to Hindu's to Christians. All sorts of different cultures and races and backgrounds so its pretty interesting. We met a guy named Abu the other day. He wanted us to make sure that we understood that Jesus was just a prophet and not the son of God. He gave us a qaran and told us to read it. He was pretty interesting. 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, October 23, 2017

Slammed on the breaks

Hey everything is great this week! Its great to hear from all of you! 
So with the master card the crack is right next to the chip but I will try to keep it in working condition as long as I can. 

Sadly Elder Nance left to Trinidad on Sunday night and so I was going back and forth between New Amsterdam and Canje with Elder Killian until Thursday when our companions got here from Aruba. Elder Buxton is my companion. He is really cool. He is from Washington DC but his parents are from Ghana. 

So far the work is going well. Our lessons with Bryan are going really well. He is understanding everything but church is still a struggle with him. We met a guy named Derek Mohammed last night. We were on our way to a back up appointment when we passed him and he simply waved to us. I quickly slammed on the brakes and turned around. He is really cool. He showed us all of his puppies he is raising and was eager to set up a time so we could meet his wife and 3 kids. He said he has met missionaries before and knows a little about the message. He seems really cool. 

Elder Buxton and I are working really well together. I am really excited for this transfer! I will have to bring my study journal next week.

My new companion and a road kill alligator!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 16, 2017

White American Spies

Life here is pretty good. This is a little crazy with transfers. I'm staying but my companion is leaving. I am happy to hear FACES  is going so well for you mom. Enjoy your fancy equipment!

So this week has been a little crazy. We have been trying to find people going to Georgetown to see if they could go to the registration offices to pick up a birth Certificate for brother Dott so that him and Kim can sign papers and get married legally. Then we can baptize them. Finally we found someone who could go down with the pick up slip but didn't have time to go to the office so he drove down and dropped off the pick up slip to the senior couple there in Georgetown. They weren't able to get to the office in time and had to wait for it to open today. They got their today and they told them they mailed it up to here. Oh well. We should get it in who knows how long but we will get it. We just have to get it before Brother Dott goes back to the interior again. So that's that. 

Then while contacting no one was answering there doors. You could obviously tell people were home because there doors were open. If their door is open that means someone is definitely home. A couple houses down we get to a lady's house and we start talking. Nothing out of the ordinary. She then gets a phone call and goes into the house to answer it. She comes back out and says she has to go and that here baby was crying which it was obviously not. We go further and we are just thinking whats going on. We get to a guys house named Ray. He tells us how he just got a phone call from one of his neighbors saying there are two white american spies in the area taking pictures and to not answer the door however he recognized us as missionaries because he has done some work for the church before. He told us to be careful though. It was interesting. 

Sorry for no pictures lately. The computers haven't been reading my SD card the last couple of weeks. I'll try to get a new one. Also transfer calls was this week. Elder Nance is being transferred to Trinidad and my new companion is Elder Buxton. I'm just waiting for him to fly in from Aruba so in the mean time I will be working with Elder Killian in New Amsterdam and Canje until we get our new companions

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Day


This week was pretty good! I forgot it was Thanksgiving today but all of the missionaries went to the church today and had a barbecue and played games. So that's my thanksgiving. 

Back to Bryan. We extended him a baptism date for November 4th. He accepted. he says he really likes us because we explain everything so simply he can understand. We have taught him up to life after death. We went to invite him to church Sunday morning and he said he just got called for work but he made his wife go. 

Oh and on Saturday we had a baptism. We have been teaching Elisa for the last 6 weeks. She is 9 and her mom's side of the family are active members. We had to teach her all of the lessons because she is 9, so it counts as a convert baptism. Then at church there is this little boy who bikes here every week. His name is Prakesh and everyone just assumed he was a member. His sister was taught a few years ago but went less active. He kept coming. The Branch President, President Baburam was talking to him and found out he hasn't been baptized and he is 10 years old! We went and taught him and his sister after church. His parents are really kind but not too interested in going to church. They are really happy to see us coming by and visiting their kids though! 

Thank you for the Birthday present! For Christmas I need some new shoe inserts. I think they are size 9. Also dinosaurs. Also my credit card has a big crack on it. It still works for now but if it gets worse I might need a new one. If you send anything to me send it to 243 Cedar Court Lamaha Gardens Georgetown Guyana. That should be the quickest and safest. Thats the Guyana mission office. Save it a trip to Trinidad. 

Its great to see all the snow and hear about the cobra games. 

A really popular scripture here to help me remember the mission is John 3:16-17. Everyone here regardless of religion has that scripture memorized. At least verse 16 anyways. 

Oh and yes I got Tyler's deer pictures! Pretty nice!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Restoration


This week has been good. I was able to watch most of conference. General conference was great! I enjoyed all of the messages shared with us. We missed parts in every session because it was a little choppy but not too much.  I'm glad you enjoyed conference.

We started teaching a guy named Bryan. He is a young father. He used to be Muslim growing up but at school he learned about Christianity and he figured that Jesus being the son of God made more sense because that would mean he was closer to God then if he was just a prophet so he changed his beliefs. He used to go to a christian church but he stopped going because him and his wife felt uncomfortable. They didn't understand what the Pastor was teaching. We are teaching him about the apostasy, he was convinced we were in one right now. He said "We need a new dispensation now!" We explained the rest of the restoration and left with him the Book of Mormon to read in the next couple of visits. He told us he feels really good when we come by and when he reads the pamphlet. We explained to him that's the Holy Ghost. He also asked us to pray that he would get work and the next day he was able to find some work to provide for his family. Now lets hope he starts reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church! 

You asked why we call Br. Prince brother. We call him Brother Prince because we are supposed to call everyone brother and sister. Some people we don't always do that but its in the missionary handbook and preach my gospel. Tell grandpa Fisher to wait on sending his  hearing aids to help Br. Prince. We will wait on that. Thanks grandpa.

The language is going really well. I have been trying to figure out if its just me understanding them better or if they are getting better at talking. I can understand the accent a lot better now. Whappen boi. Ya skinnen ya teet bad. Translation: "What happened? Your smiling a lot." 

Here are some pictures. I took a selfie because I feel like its been a while since you have seen me.

 Thanks for the picture of Baxter. Baxter is pretty special.