Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, October 16, 2017

White American Spies

Life here is pretty good. This is a little crazy with transfers. I'm staying but my companion is leaving. I am happy to hear FACES  is going so well for you mom. Enjoy your fancy equipment!

So this week has been a little crazy. We have been trying to find people going to Georgetown to see if they could go to the registration offices to pick up a birth Certificate for brother Dott so that him and Kim can sign papers and get married legally. Then we can baptize them. Finally we found someone who could go down with the pick up slip but didn't have time to go to the office so he drove down and dropped off the pick up slip to the senior couple there in Georgetown. They weren't able to get to the office in time and had to wait for it to open today. They got their today and they told them they mailed it up to here. Oh well. We should get it in who knows how long but we will get it. We just have to get it before Brother Dott goes back to the interior again. So that's that. 

Then while contacting no one was answering there doors. You could obviously tell people were home because there doors were open. If their door is open that means someone is definitely home. A couple houses down we get to a lady's house and we start talking. Nothing out of the ordinary. She then gets a phone call and goes into the house to answer it. She comes back out and says she has to go and that here baby was crying which it was obviously not. We go further and we are just thinking whats going on. We get to a guys house named Ray. He tells us how he just got a phone call from one of his neighbors saying there are two white american spies in the area taking pictures and to not answer the door however he recognized us as missionaries because he has done some work for the church before. He told us to be careful though. It was interesting. 

Sorry for no pictures lately. The computers haven't been reading my SD card the last couple of weeks. I'll try to get a new one. Also transfer calls was this week. Elder Nance is being transferred to Trinidad and my new companion is Elder Buxton. I'm just waiting for him to fly in from Aruba so in the mean time I will be working with Elder Killian in New Amsterdam and Canje until we get our new companions

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Day


This week was pretty good! I forgot it was Thanksgiving today but all of the missionaries went to the church today and had a barbecue and played games. So that's my thanksgiving. 

Back to Bryan. We extended him a baptism date for November 4th. He accepted. he says he really likes us because we explain everything so simply he can understand. We have taught him up to life after death. We went to invite him to church Sunday morning and he said he just got called for work but he made his wife go. 

Oh and on Saturday we had a baptism. We have been teaching Elisa for the last 6 weeks. She is 9 and her mom's side of the family are active members. We had to teach her all of the lessons because she is 9, so it counts as a convert baptism. Then at church there is this little boy who bikes here every week. His name is Prakesh and everyone just assumed he was a member. His sister was taught a few years ago but went less active. He kept coming. The Branch President, President Baburam was talking to him and found out he hasn't been baptized and he is 10 years old! We went and taught him and his sister after church. His parents are really kind but not too interested in going to church. They are really happy to see us coming by and visiting their kids though! 

Thank you for the Birthday present! For Christmas I need some new shoe inserts. I think they are size 9. Also dinosaurs. Also my credit card has a big crack on it. It still works for now but if it gets worse I might need a new one. If you send anything to me send it to 243 Cedar Court Lamaha Gardens Georgetown Guyana. That should be the quickest and safest. Thats the Guyana mission office. Save it a trip to Trinidad. 

Its great to see all the snow and hear about the cobra games. 

A really popular scripture here to help me remember the mission is John 3:16-17. Everyone here regardless of religion has that scripture memorized. At least verse 16 anyways. 

Oh and yes I got Tyler's deer pictures! Pretty nice!

Elder Fisher

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Restoration


This week has been good. I was able to watch most of conference. General conference was great! I enjoyed all of the messages shared with us. We missed parts in every session because it was a little choppy but not too much.  I'm glad you enjoyed conference.

We started teaching a guy named Bryan. He is a young father. He used to be Muslim growing up but at school he learned about Christianity and he figured that Jesus being the son of God made more sense because that would mean he was closer to God then if he was just a prophet so he changed his beliefs. He used to go to a christian church but he stopped going because him and his wife felt uncomfortable. They didn't understand what the Pastor was teaching. We are teaching him about the apostasy, he was convinced we were in one right now. He said "We need a new dispensation now!" We explained the rest of the restoration and left with him the Book of Mormon to read in the next couple of visits. He told us he feels really good when we come by and when he reads the pamphlet. We explained to him that's the Holy Ghost. He also asked us to pray that he would get work and the next day he was able to find some work to provide for his family. Now lets hope he starts reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church! 

You asked why we call Br. Prince brother. We call him Brother Prince because we are supposed to call everyone brother and sister. Some people we don't always do that but its in the missionary handbook and preach my gospel. Tell grandpa Fisher to wait on sending his  hearing aids to help Br. Prince. We will wait on that. Thanks grandpa.

The language is going really well. I have been trying to figure out if its just me understanding them better or if they are getting better at talking. I can understand the accent a lot better now. Whappen boi. Ya skinnen ya teet bad. Translation: "What happened? Your smiling a lot." 

Here are some pictures. I took a selfie because I feel like its been a while since you have seen me.

 Thanks for the picture of Baxter. Baxter is pretty special. 


Monday, September 25, 2017

The neighbour


This week was alright. We are doing well. We wen't to teach a new investigator named Bryan the other day. We called into his house and his neighbor said he wasn't home so we decided to talk to the neighbor. Her name was Brenda and found that she is Brother Prince's sister. She told us how the missionaries use to teach her but when they moved the new ones never came by and she was offended by that. We had a little talk with her and set up a time to teach her. we'll see how that goes. 

Time to tell you about Canje. Canje is pretty similar to my other areas. However what is different is its made up of a whole bunch of little villages all bunched up together. Its a fairly large area we cover and lots of back and forth biking. Vreed en Hoop the villages were more separated and in Diamond it was a little more congested. All and all the houses are pretty much the same. Same with the smells unless your riding past the estate (sugar factory). It has a little bit of a funny smell. Lots of sugar cane fields here. The food here is the same but we don't get fed very much here. When we do they usually just go and buy us Chinese food which is pretty good. 

 Members here are good. Its hard to get members out sometimes to help with missionary work but every now and then we get some members out. We plan on trying to work harder with the members. 

Now for my companion Elder Nance, he is good. He is a hard worker. He is from California by San Francisco. He is always looking for things to do. We are keeping busy. 

Talk to you next week.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting hot

Hey everything is going well. Its been really hot here. life is good though. 

Bad news. The Jehovah Witnesses have been teaching Brother Prince sign language so he has decided to quite his investigation with us and go with them instead. 

We have been doing lots more finding. Looking around the church. We have found some former investigators from years back and some new people. Met a guy named Lyndon. He used to work for Caribbean cruises and has been all over the world. We are teaching him this week. Lots of our lessons fell through this week so it just gives us more time to find new people.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

That's my week

Hey everything is going great so far. We are visiting lots of people. Marzina turned on us and went on a big rant on how she can't be baptized because she was already baptized. That was really frustrating because we were able to see the spirit work on her so much and she just turned on it. oh well. We are still working with Jacky and Jada towards baptism but they aren't getting any support from their family. Trying to help them with that. But on a more positive note we are working with a investigator named Kim. The missionaries worked with her and her husband before and they were going to be baptized but they weren't legally married to her husband and he left to work in the interior before I got here. Then Kim left to the Essiqubo and was gone for a while but is back now. Her husband is supposed to be coming out in October and they plan on getting married then and being baptized on the 14th! anyways that's my week. 

Elder Fisher  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Spirit of God


Don't worry about hurricanes here. Some how Guyana doesn't seem to get hit by any natural disasters. Just rains and floods that's all. 

It sounds like your pretty busy back home. We have been too. We are trying to see as many people as possible. Ravindra was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. We were happy to see him. His Grandma didn't try to take him away this week. We are working really hard with this one lady named Marzina. She is the funniest lady ever. She is great. We have been working hard on trying to get her to understand Priesthood authority. After explaining the restoration on the priesthood again this week she told us she could feel the power and spirit of God was with us and agreed to be baptized on October 14. My only worry for her is transitioning from her current church to the Church of Jesus Christ. The Lord will work miracles in her. 

Anyways that's all I got

Love Elder Fisher