Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, January 15, 2018

District Leader

Hey this week was really good again. I am enjoying my time here. I don't have too much time here since all of the computers are down and we have to now share computer time. Hopefully they will have it fixed by next week. I forgot to tell you last week but we had transfer calls and I'm staying in Canje for a 5th transfer with Elder Hanni. I am also the district leader. On Thursday I conducted an exchange with the New Amsterdam Elders and I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Sister Ann for baptism. Unfortunately we were not able to attend the baptism  on Saturday but I hear it went very well. We are trying to clean up our teaching pool and see who is really progressing towards baptism. We want to also find more new people. We are working still with Prakesh and Its really cool watching his testimony grow. He is a really good kid. 

Elder Fisher

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I know I am looking forward to 2018 a lot. Its going to be a good year I can just feel it!

Hey this week been good

Lots of fall through lessons and finding a whole lot of kind but not interested people. At least for Guyana. I'm sure the missionaries in Claresholm would be in paradise if they could meet as many people as we do. Its kinda nice when people tell you they are not interested at the start, that way you don't get 4 or 5 lessons in and they decided they just want to be friends and not progress. We are still working with the same people. Its been hard meeting with people lately due to the holidays but I hope that will change now its over and not raining so much. Lots of Funerals and weddings and celebrations but it should be better now. 
Our branch is doing really well the last two weeks with attendance of 55 and 52. Hopefully we will keep it above 50 all year! Its hard to meet with people but they are coming to church. We are teaching an 11 year old boy named Prakesh. He has been coming to church a lot and is so interested and  is understanding the doctrine. He is making steady progression towards baptism. The only problem is his mom thinks he doesn't understand what baptism is. She keeps telling us he is too young and wants to play to much. We were helping her see how much he learned but she wouldn't budge. His sister is a less active member and so she is confident he will go less active too. We asked Prakesh how he liked church and he said he liked it a lot. That he felt clean at church. We will keep working with him. His mom has no problem with anything else but the baptism. 

That's what I got for you this week!

A nice picture of the street with a pig in the trench.

Elder fisher

Friday, January 5, 2018

Plans for sacrament


Wow that sounds like it has been pretty cold back home. 

Just more rain here but we have been good lately. Only a few light sprinkles the last two days. 

The work is going really well. On Saturday we went to sister Allison's home. We went into the lesson with the plans on making a plan on how she can come to church on Sundays. We started to mention church when she interrupted us and said, "I have talked to the person who takes the security shift after me and have arranged for her to come a little early so I can go home earlier and prepare to be at church on time. I am defiantly going to be there tomorrow." We waited for her at church and sacrament meeting went by and still no Sister Allison. We were a little sad when just before Gospel Principles class starts she walks in. She was wearing her nicest clothes and apologized for being so late. She told us how here neighbor who was a close friend died that night so she took that time in the morning to mourn with her neighbors and then came to church. She probably one of my most favorite investigators! 

Elder Fisher

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017

Well this week was fun. Pretty normal leading up to Christmas. Loud music everywhere.
Thursday we were supposed to go Christmas caroling with the branch but then it started to rain and so they canceled it and we were sad. 
Friday we had the Branch Christmas party and we got there and saw our name was on the program for a musical number so after the opening prayer was said we grabbed a hymn book and chose to sing away in a manger. It was pretty sweet. 

Got lots of food. Well this is the best picture I got of the christmas party but its good. Its the primary doing the nativity and there's Ravendra as Joseph in the back! He is a pretty sweet kid. 

Saturday we got a ride with Elder and sister Haake the senior couple in Berbice who also happen to live in our area. They took us over to Rosignal (Elder Hanni's old area) so we could participate in the baptism of the Nerine family it was really cool. Elder Hanni and Elder Bigler my old companion in diamond found them one night and started teaching them. First Brother Terry was baptized and then his wife and then his son. we baptized them in a trench not too far from the church there. It was really cool. Random people were there and after each one was baptized we clapped. Brother Terry stayed in the water the whole time and after he was baptized he started swimming around. After when we walked back to the church he said "Before I was baptized I weighed 290 pounds but now I feel like 90 pounds" it was a really neat experience for all of us there

Just some of the area around where the baptism happened.

Sunday we had lots of fall through lessons and Monday it was Christmas. It started raining really hard since Christmas and they are getting there semi annual flooding. Its pretty sweet. Its not too bad though. We are teaching a really sweet lady named sister Allison. she works at the New Amsterdam hospital as security and works every night from 10pm to 7am. Then she has to sleep here and there through out the day. She is really kind though. We finished teaching her the 3rd lesson in the Plan of Salvation about life after death and I don't think I have ever taught some one who was so grateful to find out where we go after this life. Her inspired answer for that lesson was "He gave us a chance to make a choice" she is really cool and she has a baptismal date for Feb 10th. we just need to get her to church now. Its pretty hard when you get off work at 7am but she says she will come. 

Berbice zone conference special musical number. (Elder Fisher is at the bottom of the screen.)

Elder Fisher

Monday, December 18, 2017

Check out our house

This has been a pretty good week for me. People are putting up lights here and blasting music everywhere so it must mean we are getting very close to Christmas! This week was pretty quick. This coming up week should be quicker. We have the branch Christmas social, Christmas Caroling with the Branch and zone conference. Should be fun!

 The Persaud family was baptized in New Amsterdam last transfer and they gave us a referral to teach there oldest Daughter Christina who lives in Goed Bananen Land which is in our area. Its pronounced Good Banana Land by the way. We were just teaching her when her husband Raju joined us on Monday. He is really cool and they are both very prepared for the gospel. Raju can't read but he really likes movies so we plan on giving him Faith in Christ to watch today. Raju was giving us lots of inspired answers on Thursday like without God our families aren't happy and God wants all of his children to be closer to him. President wants all of us to right down inspired answers in our planners after each lesson and its kinda fun. 

We had Branch council on Sunday and after there was a YSA activity at the church. They gave us a big plate of food and i got to see some people from Vreed en Hoop and Diamond so it was really cool. Today the Berbice missionaries all got together and had a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with a roll of toilet paper. I was like are you serious when i found a $1000 dollars ($5 US) in the tube then i was alright. haha. It was really fun. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Check it out our house has Christmas lights!

Elder Fisher

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hosea 14:4

Hi all

This week has been great! No complaints. I am really excited for Christmas. We are having a elephant gift exchange and watching Its a Wonderful Life. I can't tell you how excited I am for that. Also I get to skype all of you!!!!! So be ready. I will probably skype around 11 or 12 Guyana time. Does that work for you? let me know as soon as possible if that works.

Yeah, i think I got everything that you sent in my Christmas package. No MasterCard yet. no worries though. 

This week we contacted a girl named Valicia and her Brother Jamel. we had a fall through lesson and so we had some time before we went in for the night. It was 8:30 and at that time most people are sleeping. On our way home we saw them under there house outside. Valicia was braiding Jamel's hair. Jamel wasn't too talkative but Valisia was a little more receptive. We set up a time to go back. When we got there on Saturday night no one was home so we called and Valisia said she had to go to a family emergency. While trying to decide where to go Jamel comes walking home and we had a very spiritual lesson. He told us how he is having some family problems and he keeps slipping into temptation and can't seem to be able to do the right thing. We shared with him Hosea 14:4 and taught him as the spirit directed us. After he told us he felt changed. It was a really cool lesson and really neat to see how the Lord puts people in our path.

Elder Fisher

Monday, December 4, 2017

New companion

This week was really good. We have been visiting lots of people and getting everything figured out with the new companionship but everything is going really well. I am now with Elder Hanni. He is from Colorado. We are having a lot of fun. 

This week we taught a investigator named Allison. We taught her about the Restoration through Joseph Smith and she told us how she heard we worshiped Joseph Smith but she is really glad she knows better now and that if she ever hears that again she is going to defend us. She also said she is going to come to church next week so we are excited! 

More good news. I got the Christmas package! It was already open when I got it but it looks like nothing is missing and the new inserts for my shoes work great! Thank you so much!

Elder Fisher