Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, June 18, 2018

"The spirit working in him"


This week has been good. We are doing really well. 

Mohamed is getting more into the routine of things and I feel he is gaining a testimony of the things we are teaching him. He really wants to be baptized. We set his baptism date for July 21 but there is a problem. On June 30th his rent runs out and he will have to move. He has no idea where he is going to go yet but Barbados is a possibility since that is where his foster mom lives. 

We are also working with Brother Chu. He is a really great example to me. He had a stroke a few months ago and so he walks really slow and has a hard time remembering these things we teach him so we are going really slow with him. He is always very positive and something really cool is that ever since he has felt like what we have been teaching him is true he has been learning and understanding and remembering everything a lot better. I know its the spirit working in him. He hasn't missed a week of church since we met him and he doesn't have very much money and he can't work either. One of the main struggles with him is he has very poor eye sight so he can't read anything. He loves reading but he can't afford to by glasses  so we are trying to get some help for him. He is really awesome! 

I love you all so much!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 11, 2018

Banana man or 2?

Hey! This week was great! 

We are working hard as always and we even had a baptism. Doodnaght, Sruti and Amar. They are really awesome. Their mom has been a big help and is even starting to come to church with them. 

On Tuesday I went on an exchange up to Parika. It was pretty fun. We tried to find some investigators I use to teach in Vreed En Hoop but moved to Parika's area after I was transferred and was dropped because the Parika Elder's had a hard time getting on to them. The directions we received were as follows. Get onto a bus. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the the taxi service on the public road. Get in a taxi and tell him you want to go to the banana man and its the pink flat concrete house next to the Banana Man. We followed the directions but then the taxi driver took us to the wrong banana man. We spent over an hour looking for this pink house. The elder's said they would find them a different day now we know there are two banana men. 

We are still working with Mohamed. He has had a little bit of a rough life. He was born Muslim and his mom and him were homeless. A Hindu temple gave them shelter there until his mother committed suicide. He was taken into a foster home were they had many Pentocostal missionaries teach the kids the word of God and he decided to become a Christian. At the home however there were a lot of negative influences and by the time he was 18 he went to prison. Since he came out of prison he is trying to live a changed life. He came to church again on Sunday but seems a little confused and overwhelmed by everything. We are trying to get him to get more accustom to the different style of worship that he's not used to.

Its great to hear from you!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, June 4, 2018

"Fisher" of men

Wow that sounds pretty sweet. Crazy week. 

You know I have never met this man you call Kenneth before. He better be as good as all of you say he is because I don't want any chump marring my sister. But in all seriousness its pretty great she is getting married. 
Last zone conference we studied about the temple and its a sweet place! Let me know about more details when you get them all figured out! Its pretty exciting. 

This week has been really good. We have been exceedingly good at dodging the rain. We didn't get soaked head to toe once and it has poured this week. Something really crazy that happened, yesterday at church we were going into Elder's quorum. The on going joke some of the members have here is that I am a "Fisher" of men and they like to ask me how many fishes have I caught. I said I hadn't caught too many this week but that I will next weekend with the Jairam boys. Brother Peter the man talking to me said well you better go talk to that guy then so you can catch more. There was a young adult sitting on his own that I hadn't really noticed before. I walked up to him. He told us his name is Mohamed, he's 20 years old and he lives in Patentia. The meeting started and after the meeting we got to talk to him more. He said he was on a bus and a women on the bus called for everyone's attention and began preaching the gospel. He said it got him so motivated that he decided he wanted to join a congregation. He used to go to Church of Christ on the east coast and has fellow shipped with Penticostal missionaries before. He didn't really know what this church was but he decided to come and check it out anyways. We set up a teaching appointment for Wednesday and we are really excited to begin working with him. 

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, May 28, 2018

Head to Toe in seconds


This week has been good and full of rain. Rainy season is fun because you never know when its going to hit you and how long its going to rain. It comes soaks you head to toe in seconds and then it goes. The sunset leaving our house is pretty nice during the rainy season.

We had zone conference. It was our last one with President Egbert. We learned about the temple and it was sick! I took a picture with me and President and Sister Egbert, and Sister Vanita my investigator who I taught all the lessons to who got baptized on Saturday. Richard her fiancee baptized her.

We are working with a man named Christopher and his wife Nicola. We had two lesson fall through with him this week but then he stopped us on the road the night after another appointment and rescheduled. He apologized and explained how his work has been unpredictable. He works Taxi. When we went to the next appointment his brother in law was there and it was a sweet lesson. It was a "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" lesson and an inspired comment we got from Christopher was "He would do the things I would do for my daughter" Carl (brother in law) said " He has the power to do anything to save us". 

We also contacted a lady named Radha and her two sons. She used to be taught a lot by missionaries 10 years ago on the east coast but said she quickly had to move and wasn't able to tell them so they lost contact with them. She seems really cool and we are excited to work with her and her family! 

Anyways you have a great week!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, May 21, 2018

8 baptisms in June


 So uh I guess  I have an answer for all of those people who are asking about me. I just opened a email from my mission saying I will be returning home on September 20th. I'm trying not to get trunky right now. Oh and I had a burger from Johnny Rockets last Tuesday and I think it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. I missed being so close to Georgetown. 

Well its really good to be in Patentia and the La Grange branch again and see so many familiar faces. This area we are in has a lot of prepared people here. My first week here we have given out 5 baptismal dates. There is a lot of good work being done here and this is the best functioning branch I have been in. 

My companion is Elder Garner. He's from West Jordan Utah. I took his place in New Amsterdam and now I am serving with him here. We are working with a lot of great investigators. We have Brother Chew. He had a stroke a few months ago but he is getting around on a cane. His Baptism date is set for the 23rd  of June and he has been coming to church each week!. He Lives out in Sister's village. We have Priya who is trying to divorce her old husband and marry her new one. She can't afford it right now but we are working with her to be baptized on June 23. She is coming to church regularly. We have Francene who has been investigating and coming to church for a long time. She is a very kind women but she is trying to kick her common law husband out. (He's not very goods to her). She is very good hearted and we and the Senior couple are working a lot with her. We are hoping she will be baptized on June 9th. We also have the Jairam boys Shruti, Doodnught, and Vanu. There Mom is a returning member and she came up to the missionaries a couple weeks ago and said her boys need to be baptized. They have been coming to church since then. Mom's struggling to come a little but the boys are doing great! There baptism is for June 9.We also have Rushana and her Mom Ann maria. They contacted them and started teaching them just before I got here. They have been reading and even came to church! there baptism date is also for June 3. Those are just a few of the people we are working with right now. It should be a good transfer!

Love Elder Fisher

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Leaving New Amsterdam

This week has been good. I am a little sad to be leaving New Amsterdam but excited to go to Patentia. Back to La Grange Branch! I got my last Sister June's bake and local juice and am almost packed up! I got my last good byes with pretty much every one. 
We have been working really hard with Vanita and Joshua. They are going to be baptized this coming Saturday and so I am just missing it. I have taught them pretty much all of the lessons. Vanita got engaged to Richard Bacchus who was a less active member. His family is very active however. She was Hindu but has been gaining a testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ ever since she has heard it and her and Richard haven't missed a week of church since they have been taking the lessons. Richard has been blessing the sacrament each week and just received a calling to be the assistant Branch clerk. That will be very helpful for the Branch. They are getting married in November and really want to prepare to go to the temple next year. They said they would send me a wedding invitation. 
Joshua is 11 years old. His family are all members of the church but they have been waiting on his baptism so that his Dad can perform the baptism. The problem is he's not worthy and has showed no sign of changing and coming back to church so his mom got impatient and so we have been preparing Joshua for this big day. He's a really good kid who is excited to be baptized. 
It was really good to see all of you yesterday and I am excited for the next time I see you!

My good byes to George the monkey.

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, May 7, 2018

George the Monkey


This week was good. 

We are working a lot with recent converts and less active members right now. More than I have ever before on my mission but I strongly feel that is what this area needs. We are starting to get a lot more busier now as we are increasing our teaching pool quite a bit. Its really fun and we should be having some more baptisms next transfer. We get our transfer calls on Wednesday

Just an update on Prakesh my investigator in Canje, He was supposed to be baptized last Saturday but then his Dad got angry and said he was too young to be baptized and needs to wait until he is at least 15 or 16 years old. 

Victor's baptism 

Me holding George the monkey! He likes to bite my finger and lick my hands.

I love you all

Elder Fisher