Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long term goal for Guyana

Well it sounds like it was a very busy week for all of you. This week has been kinda busy for me too. Just lots of teaching and finding. Lots of traveling too! 
We had to go to Georgetown for our interviews with President Egbert on Saturday and yesterday we had to go to the East Coast Chapel for Zone Conference. It has been a very good week. 
Nothing really big happened. just same old same old. We learned all about temples for zone conference and we're pretty lucky to have one so close to home. It truly is the house of the Lord. The long term goal for Guyana is to get a stake and eventually a temple. Go to the temple often. 
Well its very easy here to make the first contact. Just about everyone will tell you their name and phone number and will allow you to come back you just need to use hints and most importantly the spirit to know who to return to and visit. Its when you start teaching them that things start to get difficult. People here love talking but have a hard time changing. Teaching the Priesthood is one of the hardest things for investigators to understand. One of the most effective ways for us to teach the priesthood is comparing it to keys to a house or a gate. You have to use lots of visuals and comparisons. Then they start to slowly understand. 
Branch council... Its interesting here. Its gotten better but its really hard to get member help here.
Love Elder Fisher 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Letter to mom

Hey Mommy!!!

It sounds like it was a pretty good week for all of you.

My week has been pretty good. Lots of sun and lots of rain. We have been outside lots too.

Its cool seeing how everyone here gets along. We met three moms the other day and asked them what religion they were. One said Catholic the other said Muslim and the third said Hindu. They were just sitting outside of their house laughing and talking. 

Love you Mom!

Love Elder Fisher

Big Guyana Flag

This week was really good. We tried to do lots of contacting. We met lots of people. We met the Ramkaran family. The father is a hindu but converted to Christianity when he married his wife. One of his kidneys failed and the other one is passing some stones so he isn't supposed to work too much. The mother started going to different churches 5 times a week and read the bible every single day looking for a miracle. She got a nervous breakdown instead. She completely quit providing for her family putting more of a load on her husband. He is very frustrated and they don't go to church as much but they haven't given up on God yet. I hope they allow the restored gospel to bless their lives and repair their family. Too many broken families here. 
On a more happier note we are teaching a lady named Savitri! She is a Hindu lady but is very kind and sweet to us. We taught her about the Restoration and she really enjoyed it and participate in the lesson lots. You could just see the holy spirit fill her as she began to understand and committed to pray to see if Joseph Smith is a prophet. We also met more Venezuelans this week but they weren't too interested in hearing our message. Very kind though. Well it was really good to hear from everyone. 
Oh and also next Monday we have zone conference which means I won't be emailing until Tuesday

Well we had a big Guyana flag and a Guyana hat so we put two and two together and took some sweet pictures! Oh and that's a pomegranate tree outside of our house.

  A sunset

Love you lots

Elder Fisher      

Monday, May 15, 2017


Everything has been great! I loved Skyping home! 
This week we visited Brigette every single day preparing her for the baptism. She is the sweetest lady ever. The baptism went great and President King (Branch President) was there only a half hour after the baptism was supposed to start. Not bad considering he had to perform it. People have a hard time being on time for baptisms for some reason. When we call asking where they are, they always tell us we'll be there just now. Just now means it will be a while. But the baptism was great and she came to church the next day for the confirmation and it went very well. We have been working lots with Sultan. He brought his little nephew with him to church this Sunday. He is such a good guy. He is probably one of the kindest persons I have ever met. I am so excited for him and his baptism!

 Here is a big green grasshopper that decided to come to the church for Brigette's baptism

Anyways I love you all so much!

Love Elder Fisher

Monday, May 8, 2017

Baptism on Saturday


This week has been really good. We have been teaching Sulttan about the commandments and so far he is willing to live them. He has set a goal to quit smoking by May 10th! One month before he is baptized! He still hasn't missed church as well! 
Great news! Bridget is getting baptized on Saturday!!!! We have been working really hard with her and helping her understand the importance of the Priesthood. After the first time she came to church her Pastor at the church she normally attends chastised her and told her not to go any more or to be baptized into our church. After that experience she told us she wanted to put her baptism on hold and that she wasn't sure she would come to our church but now she understands why she needs to come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority. She is converted. We went and visited her last night and she said while selling in the market in Wales a lady there approached her and told her to stop visiting with us because we are secret agents and once we baptized her we are going to kill her and throw her in a trench behind the church. She told us how sorry she felt for that lady and said she then rebuked her in the name of Jesus Christ and how you have to rebuke people sometimes. She is awesome! then when we started emailing we got a phone call from her saying her daughter wants to be baptized on Saturday too but we haven't taught her so we will have to explain that she needs to be taught all of the lessons first and come to church.Oh and uh my camera broke...  So i need to buy a new one here and the only places that takes bank cards from outside of Guyana is Scotia Bank so I might be pulling out a lot of money here. 

Here is a couple of pictures I was able to snap before my camera broke.

Anyways Love you lots!

Elder Fisher

Monday, May 1, 2017

Transfer time....or not?


Transfer calls were on Friday. It was exciting because I have been here in Vreed En Hoop for 6 months and lots of companionship's have been in their areas for a long time so we were expecting lots of changes and moving around. I had no clue where I was going to go. The phone rang on Saturday morning to give us our transfer calls and Elder Hunt the assistant to the President says "Where do you think you going?" I said "I don't know I literally can go any where but I'm going to guess Linden" He says "Not bad your pretty close, your going to Vreed En Hoop!" Yup I survived 5 transfers here but I'm happy because I love it here! There was almost no changes in Guyana. I am really excited to stay here because that means I will be able to see what happens to our investigators! 

This week was really good. We met another Venezuelan family while contacting. There are lots of Venezuelan people fleeing to Guyana. They are really nice and accepting to the missionaries despite much of the language barriers we are facing right now. The first family we found we taught them the Restoration this week. It went very well and one of the daughters started to open up to us and ask lots of really good questions. The mother speaks the best English so the message was able to get across. When we were on our exchange with Elder Carrilo last week after we had taught them he recorded the first vision for us in Spanish. We first recited it in English for them and then played it in Spanish and the spirit was so strong while it played in Spanish. It was defiantly inspired that Elder Carrilo came on an exchange with us that day. 

Our phone kept randomly turning off this week and so we had to go to Georgetown this week so that we could meet the Georgetown Zone leaders to deliver a phone from the office to us. They also happened to have a Spanish Book of Mormon in their apartment. No one in our zone had one and the mission office didn't have one either and so we didn't know how we were going to get them one. Apparently they are ordering a whole bunch of them because lots of companionship's have been asking for them but it takes forever for supplies to get to Guyana. Things have just been working with them. Oh and Sultan is still keeping his word and hasn't missed church since his incident. His baptismal date is set for June 10 and I am really happy because I should still be here for it!

Here is a picture of me and Sultan and of it raining outside of the church.

Anyways that's it!

Love Elder Fisher