Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, January 30, 2017

Martin Luther King

Hey Everyone. Everything has been really good lately. We are teaching a new family who isn't very religious. (Strange in Guyana because most people are Hindu, Muslim, or Christian). They are really friendly and are showing really good understanding. I have a lot of high hopes for all of our investigators but the main thing that is holding them back is coming to Church. On Sunday President Egbert came to church because they combined the La Grange and Vreed En Hoop branch and since its a district down here not a stake here President Egbert is like the Stake President. Our new president of the branch is now President Martin Luther King. Interesting name. All and all things are really good here in Guyana!

Love, Elder Fisher!

Here is a picture of me and a bunch of Elder's all muddy after playing football. The fields here are all very wet and so there is a lot of slipping and sliding. Its really fun and we get very muddy. 

The second picture is a little monkey chained to a old broke down van outside of someones house. (The monkey is sitting on a seat inside the van)

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