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Monday, February 6, 2017

Is God Dead

Hey! sounds pretty cold and snowy at home. It rains here just about everyday but usually in short bursts. 

Saturday we had transfer calls. It was a very interesting one because they moved so many missionaries around.  Elder Peterson is being Transferred to Diamond and my new companion is going to be Elder Cooper. He was in Burbese which is way on the other side of the country. He also was in the same MTC group as Elder Paul and Elder Peterson. Every missionary who I have talked to who knows him say he's a really awesome missionary so I'm excited to serve with him in the Vreed - En - Hoop area. 

I also got the Cook's Christmas card this week! 

Some people have monkeys for pets. In fact one time while walking through the Stabroak Market there was a man with a bunch of caged monkeys for sale. I was really tempted to buy one. But I didn't.

My spiritual experience for this week was when we were teaching our investigators Annesia and Kelvin and there Aunt came out of the house to where we were and Asks "Is God dead because he's done nothing for me" We then flipped the whole lesson around and talked about God and Jesus Christ and really focused on the Atonement. We definitely taught with the spirit no doubt and it was what she needed to hear. She then committed to coming to church but when church came around a couple days later she wasn't there.  :( It's frustrating. We're going to find out why she didn't come. Anyways I think that's all I got. Talk to yas next week. 

Love Elder Fisher

The first picture is a picture of the sea wall at night. the second one is of a street we go to all the time in Windsor Forest. The last one is my last picture with Elder Rios before he leaves to serve in Curacao.

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