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Monday, January 23, 2017

Guyana Zoo

Hey everyone. Its really good to hear from you. If you want lots of curry and Indian food Guyana is the place! 
This week with lesson wise it has been a little struggle. So many of our lessons have been cancelled on us and its been very frustrating. The good news is that we did pick up some new investigators. One of them has been inviting her friends and family. They seem pretty solid right now. 
We went to the Guyana Zoo today. It was pretty cool. Anyways I think that is all I got. 

Elder Fisher

Me next to a huge alligator at the zoo, 

one of those centipedes smooched on the road. Its the only one I've seen and I hope I don't see any alive, or bigger for that fact.  

A little shack of a house. Don't worry not all of the houses here look like that in fact most don't and there are some very nice houses here. This one is next to the forest so it looked cooler
Here's a picture of a long road that we get to walk down every now and then

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