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Monday, May 1, 2017

Transfer time....or not?


Transfer calls were on Friday. It was exciting because I have been here in Vreed En Hoop for 6 months and lots of companionship's have been in their areas for a long time so we were expecting lots of changes and moving around. I had no clue where I was going to go. The phone rang on Saturday morning to give us our transfer calls and Elder Hunt the assistant to the President says "Where do you think you going?" I said "I don't know I literally can go any where but I'm going to guess Linden" He says "Not bad your pretty close, your going to Vreed En Hoop!" Yup I survived 5 transfers here but I'm happy because I love it here! There was almost no changes in Guyana. I am really excited to stay here because that means I will be able to see what happens to our investigators! 

This week was really good. We met another Venezuelan family while contacting. There are lots of Venezuelan people fleeing to Guyana. They are really nice and accepting to the missionaries despite much of the language barriers we are facing right now. The first family we found we taught them the Restoration this week. It went very well and one of the daughters started to open up to us and ask lots of really good questions. The mother speaks the best English so the message was able to get across. When we were on our exchange with Elder Carrilo last week after we had taught them he recorded the first vision for us in Spanish. We first recited it in English for them and then played it in Spanish and the spirit was so strong while it played in Spanish. It was defiantly inspired that Elder Carrilo came on an exchange with us that day. 

Our phone kept randomly turning off this week and so we had to go to Georgetown this week so that we could meet the Georgetown Zone leaders to deliver a phone from the office to us. They also happened to have a Spanish Book of Mormon in their apartment. No one in our zone had one and the mission office didn't have one either and so we didn't know how we were going to get them one. Apparently they are ordering a whole bunch of them because lots of companionship's have been asking for them but it takes forever for supplies to get to Guyana. Things have just been working with them. Oh and Sultan is still keeping his word and hasn't missed church since his incident. His baptismal date is set for June 10 and I am really happy because I should still be here for it!

Here is a picture of me and Sultan and of it raining outside of the church.

Anyways that's it!

Love Elder Fisher

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