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Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Guyana Flag

This week was really good. We tried to do lots of contacting. We met lots of people. We met the Ramkaran family. The father is a hindu but converted to Christianity when he married his wife. One of his kidneys failed and the other one is passing some stones so he isn't supposed to work too much. The mother started going to different churches 5 times a week and read the bible every single day looking for a miracle. She got a nervous breakdown instead. She completely quit providing for her family putting more of a load on her husband. He is very frustrated and they don't go to church as much but they haven't given up on God yet. I hope they allow the restored gospel to bless their lives and repair their family. Too many broken families here. 
On a more happier note we are teaching a lady named Savitri! She is a Hindu lady but is very kind and sweet to us. We taught her about the Restoration and she really enjoyed it and participate in the lesson lots. You could just see the holy spirit fill her as she began to understand and committed to pray to see if Joseph Smith is a prophet. We also met more Venezuelans this week but they weren't too interested in hearing our message. Very kind though. Well it was really good to hear from everyone. 
Oh and also next Monday we have zone conference which means I won't be emailing until Tuesday

Well we had a big Guyana flag and a Guyana hat so we put two and two together and took some sweet pictures! Oh and that's a pomegranate tree outside of our house.

  A sunset

Love you lots

Elder Fisher      

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