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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long term goal for Guyana

Well it sounds like it was a very busy week for all of you. This week has been kinda busy for me too. Just lots of teaching and finding. Lots of traveling too! 
We had to go to Georgetown for our interviews with President Egbert on Saturday and yesterday we had to go to the East Coast Chapel for Zone Conference. It has been a very good week. 
Nothing really big happened. just same old same old. We learned all about temples for zone conference and we're pretty lucky to have one so close to home. It truly is the house of the Lord. The long term goal for Guyana is to get a stake and eventually a temple. Go to the temple often. 
Well its very easy here to make the first contact. Just about everyone will tell you their name and phone number and will allow you to come back you just need to use hints and most importantly the spirit to know who to return to and visit. Its when you start teaching them that things start to get difficult. People here love talking but have a hard time changing. Teaching the Priesthood is one of the hardest things for investigators to understand. One of the most effective ways for us to teach the priesthood is comparing it to keys to a house or a gate. You have to use lots of visuals and comparisons. Then they start to slowly understand. 
Branch council... Its interesting here. Its gotten better but its really hard to get member help here.
Love Elder Fisher 

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