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Monday, March 6, 2017

Food Poison


So good to hear from everyone. This week has been interesting. In Guyana many people don't get legally married and so that can be a big problem while teaching families. While teaching Sean, we found out that he wasn't legally married to his wife and so we are hoping we can get that cleared up as soon as possible. 
Then on Thursday Elder Cooper was sick and we had to stay in all day. 
Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome! We then had to go back to Georgetown for our interviews with the mission president, President Egbert. We decided to treat ourselves to the pizza hut in Georgetown after. We weren't feeling too good after but went to Sandra and Robert's house. Robert wasn't there but Sandra was and she said that Robert no longer wants to change his religion. We were very surprised to hear that and set up a time when we could teach them both. We both weren't feeling very good at this point and decided we better go back to the apartment. Before we even got in we were vomiting. We were then up until 3 am with food poisoning and ended up having to stay in all of Sunday. We are feeling better now but are still a little sore and I haven't eaten anything but toast since then. In fact that's all that sounds appetizing right now. 

Warning! Snake Pictures!

While biking home we passed our neighbor and investigator Duckman. Lots of people have nicknames in Guyana. As you probably guessed Duckman raises and sells ducks. He is also very crazy. While biking past his house he calls us over and yells REPTILE! REPTILE! We go over and sure enough there's a giant dead anaconda in his duck pen. It got some of his ducks before he spotted it and was able to kill it with his cutlass. We then got him to reenact him killing it for us. 

This last picture is myself and Elder Carillo from Ecuador. He is a good friend of mine and also the assistant to the President. He is holding an alligator statue. 

love Elder Fisher

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