Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, March 20, 2017

District Conference in Georgetown

Hey team! 

How's it going! So good to hear from everyone! This week has been good. Not a lot really happened but that's okay. We are still struggling to see people as they often don't seem to be home or other things pop up and makes them busy but we are trying to work around all obstacles. 

We had district conference here this weekend for all the members from east to west coast. It was really good. All of the branch's bused the members out to Georgetown so that was cool. We taught Soltin this week and he is really cool. Here we would brake all the lessons down and we would brake the restoration down to Who is God. The first vision, and the Book of Mormon. We taught him Who is God? He is very excited and wanting to learn more but is facing some struggles right now with finances and work and was unable to come to district conference on Sunday

Anyways love you guys lots!

Elder Fisher

 I think Shevana is going to New York on her mission.

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