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Monday, February 27, 2017

Tat it for tis week

Everything is still going great! 

Sounds like there is lots of snow at home well we have been getting a little bit of rain! This morning we were on our way to play basketball with some missionaries. When we got off the mini bus it was pouring and we had to run down the road some and across the busy street to hide from the rain and catch a car to go to La Grange. In that little distance we were soaked head to toe but we are all dry now and it is now very hot outside. Every morning it rains and then gets hot hot hot in the day.

We started teaching another Muslim family and they are all so very kind to us. They have already become some of my favorites. This week we were teaching our investigators Sandra and Robert. They are Hindus. Hindus are very kind and polite and will talk to you very easily but are very stubborn in their Hindu ways. They always say "Me born a Hindu, Me die a Hindu!"  Robert however is very receptive and is believing on the message. Sandra, his wife, however is a little more hesitant but we felt they both needed a baptismal date. When we went over we taught them about the doctrine of Christ and why baptism is an important part of the gospel. Robert we new would be willing to be baptized but we were unsure about Sandra. Sure enough Robert accepted and Sandra was a little hesitant at first and we waited for her answer. She sat there thinking about it and then said "yeah I'll get baptized" We were both very excited however right now our biggest problem with investigators is getting them to travel to church but once we can get some of our investigators going they will be ready.
Anyways I think that's it for this week or as the Guyanese would say it "Me tinks tat it for tis week!"

Love Elder Fisher

Alligator scripture case

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