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Monday, December 19, 2016

Waiting on the Baptism

The baptism was really good yesterday and also kinda stressful. The baptism was scheduled for 4:00 just before the ward Christmas party. We got to the church nice and early and 4:00 comes around and the only people at the church are us and Onika and Anasha and one other priesthood holder who was setting things up for the party. At 4:45 we called the branch pres. and were like where are you? he said he was preparing to come and that we should move the baptism to 6:00 so that more people could be there. At 5:15 people started to show up for the ward Christmas part and the baptism. At 6:00 no one who was running the party was there and a missionary senior couple where just telling Christmas stories and sing Christmas hymns with everyone. We called the branch pres. again and he said he would be there in 10 minutes. So we waited for 10 more minutes, him and everyone else in charge and everyone who was supposed to give talks are still not there So we start the baptism service anyways. 5 minutes later the first speaker shows up and gives there talk but the second speaker and the president are still not there so Sister Fry the senior couple gave a talk at the moment. Just as she finished the branch pres. and everyone else in charge of the party showed up. I then baptized Onika and Elder Paul baptized Anasha. And the Christmas party started at 7:20. The next day not too many people showed up for church because it was raining and they stayed up to late at the party. It was pretty crazy. 
It has been raining lots here. Almost everyday. I also got hit with what the locals call Caribbean thunder (Diarrhea) and am very grateful for medication. 

Here's a picture of Onika and Anasha. I baptized Onika and she is the one standing next to me. 

Heres a picture of a funny looking dog. It also had a big string of green snot hanging out of its nose but it fell out before I could get a picture. 

The last one is a picture of the common backyard in Parika.

I'll try to skype on Christmas around 4:00 Guyana time which is around noon there

Anyways love you guys!

Elder Fisher

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