Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Monday, December 12, 2016

7 Investigators

Everything has been good. 
We had an awesome Sunday yesterday. We had 7 investigators to church! Onika and Anasha got their baptismal interviews and then we had to get their parents to sign the forms. They were a little hesitant at first but as we explained a little more about it and resolved some of their concerns they signed. We will be baptizing them Saturday at 4. 
We had zone meeting on Saturday. It was about obedience. Then after we had an interview with president Egbert. He told me he is splitting my area and putting missionaries in Parika. He said he will Either put me there leave elder Paul in Vreed En Hoop or put Elder Paul there and leave me here or put us both there. He hasn't decided yet but we will know on the 24 when the transfer calls happen. 
The alligator man is a guy who catches alligators and snakes and makes wallets and bags and then sells them to people. We go to his house once a week and make orders for the missionaries. He will also give us his alligator meet but he hasn't had any for us when we visit. 
Oh and we did our one handed push ups and I could do more but Elder Paul says its because he has gotten fat since he has been out. Anyways love you guys!
Elder Fisher

A Picture of the alligators the alligator man caught and the snake trying to strangle my arm and Elder Paul walking towards a bus in Parika. I tried to send the first two last week but I'm not sure if they sent with the rest.

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