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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The phone home

Hey I get to email today because I fly to Trinidad tomorrow. President Pratt also gave us permission to call home for 10 minutes so I should be calling soon. 
We drove to Halifax last night and went to church here and knocked on some doors. This week we did a lot of contacting and looking for someone to teach. There are lots of people who just want to talk to us but that's about it. 
I don't know when I will be emailing next. I'm going to miss my companions but it will be good. I'm pretty excited! Anyways love you guys!

Elder Fisher

The phone call:
Justin did phone and it was fun to talk with him. Thanks Pres. Pratt for allowing this special call. He's at Dartmouth at the mission home right now.
Elder Fisher said he is definitely going to miss Halifax, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia all areas where he has been working. He is just starting to get use to the cold again so he is looking forward to someplace warm for the winter.  "You wouldn't believe how many people i have met in these places who are from Trinidad. Even today as i have been here at the mission home I met one other person who have family in Trinidad."
So he leaves tomorrow, fly's to Newark NJ, then to Huston and then to Trinidad. He stays at the mission home for a day and then fly's to Gyanna on the 16th. He is getting to be quite the traveler as he will have visited many airports - Calgary, Seattle, New York, Dominican, Boston, New York, Halifax airports so far and will be hitting Newark, Huston, Trinidad and Gyanna airports all 11 airports within  a couple of months.

Says he's not getting homesick as he is keeping to busy with all the work.

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