Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big News

BIG NEWS!!!! I got my visa and I'm flying to Trinidad on Nov. 16th. Then to Guyana so I'm assuming I'm starting my mission there!
Everything is good here! Its starting to get a little cooler here. No dreams or anything but there is a member of the branch presidency here in Amherst and he has a gift. Apparently he can read your past and tell you about your future. He reads all of the missionaries before they leave and apparently he is deadly accurate! After he does your reading apparently he is really exhausted. I'm kinda nervous and excited to here what he has to say about me.
There is a less active sister here with cancer and we visited her and it turns out her family is all from Trinidad! That's about all she had to tell me about Trinidad. 
Benny's baptism is Saturday and we are all really excited! He is a really awesome guy! I'll be sure to send pictures. 
We went to Parasboro and saw the bay of Fundy and did some proselyting there. Its in our area and very Beautiful. We haven't had to much success but to we are visiting a potential who promised to read the  Book of Mormon in a week so we'll see how he did. Oh and here's a picture of a full rainbow in Amherst!
Oh and my area and companions all stayed the same

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