Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Thursday, September 22, 2016

MTC (Missionary Training Center)

 Good to hear from you! 
Its nice to hear how things are going there! The MTC is right next to the temple. It is smaller then the Cardston temple but still very beautiful.We went to the temple this morning and did a session. it was pretty sweet. they had it in English for us. Everyone here either speaks Spanish or is learning how to speak Spanish except for my district so everything has to be translated. So many people try to talk to me in Spanish and I just say Hola or gracious and walk away. Luckily I'm not the only English speaking missionary. Our day mostly consists of classes. there's about 40 of us in the MTC. 

I haven't gotten heat stroke but its very hot and humid. It rains quite a bit too and then it gets really hot again.. Luckily the MTC is very well air conditioned. there's Garbage everywhere and yesterday we all spent an hour picking up garbage in the area outside of the MTC/temple grounds. it was soooo hot! but then it rained and cooled of towards the end. 

The other elders are all really good. Elder Corrayia is one of my favorites. He's one of my roommates and is Brother Smith's nephew. I haven't really seen any wildlife here. we have to stay on the MTC/Temple grounds here unless we get permission otherwise. No weird bugs yet thankfully. I found that i have just about everything I needed, so I packed well at home. Just wish I brought more t shirts. 

I haven't heard anything about the visa yet. I haven't heard if my MTC president is related to Mitt Romney or not. They are from Texas and have a big family. We've mostly just been inside in classes but we usually get outside for a game of basketball. Its pretty fun here.

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