Elder Fisher - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Things are good here! Lots of classes and still lots of heat. Some big news regarding the visa! Myself as well as the two other Canadian missionaries are going to Halifax for at least 6 weeks. We leave on Tuesday. The American Missionaries that are going to Trinidad Mission are visa waiting in Houstin Texas. 

Thank you for all the tips that you send me! I got the pictures of the elk and of Great Grandpa Fisher of him in his mission in Tonga. I'll try to do a re-enactment of great grandpa Fisher once I get to Trinidad. I do have some pictures of the MTC and the temple here, however i don't have a cord for my camera to put them on right now. 

A little more on my visa we are not supposed to call or email any consultants regarding the visa because it might actually slow it down just so you know. Anyways Halifax should be cool. I hope we don't have to buy to much winter stuff. Anyways Love yeah!

Elder Fisher